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  1. they hung the lights on string, all around our cocktail hour on the beach, and from palapas (high up) at the pool side reception i think..
  2. Andrea- They provided string for our lanterns....during our cocktail party at El Mar on the beach...as well as at our pool side reception at the White Sands Main Pool in Akumal...
  3. DJ Bijan was great....www.mayanvibes.com- he has a great sound system (and we had a large party)! Also, we rented extra lights from the resort (you can also pick different colors)- Eugenia coordinated it with the resort!
  4. You can check out just a few of our 1600+ professional pics from Arrecife here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/116529762871874452285/albums/5689816182116471953 Diego was amazing!
  5. You can check out just a few of our 1600+ professional pics from Arrecife here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/116529762871874452285/albums/5689816182116471953 Diego was amazing!
  6. Hi all! You should be able to see a few of our many amazing pictures on Arrecife's FB page: http://www.facebook.com/arrecife.studio.mexico?sk=photos Click on Dara & Lorne November 19, 2011...
  7. My flowers were included (large gorgeous, orange roses) and my husbands' awesome boutionerre was included (it complimented my bouquet- one simple orange rose with extra greenery behind it)...and the centerpiece for the ceremony table (white long stemmed calla lillies in a glass simple vase with organic colored stones at the bottom of the vase)...were all included in our wedding package (DeLuxe Package at the time when we booked the wedding). Each bridemaid held a bunch of white calla lillies ($35 each) and then I had 15 centerpieces ($40 each, one for each table) of separate bunches (either orange roses, or orange gerbers, or orange birds of paradise) at the White Sands pool dinner and dancing reception...LOVED ALL OF THEM! Very simple, yet so elegant and beautiful!
  8. I held large gorgeous orange roses, gathered in a simple bunch; and my 3 bridemaids held small bunches of white cala lillies- all bouquets were simple bunches with long, green stems...natural looking (with a sheer white ribbon- no bows)! They were beautiful! Since the catalogue is totally outdated- just bring pictures of bouquets/flowers you like.... See attachments:
  9. Diego is one of the Arrecife's photographers! We had 140 guests...so 15 tables and lots of flower arrangements, decor, etc. I hired Melissa Parry (MVP) for hair and make-up which started at 7 am sharp... Our pictures began at 1 (groom/bride first look) at La Hacienda and then at the beach (with a rainbow)!, followed by a Ketubah signing (jewish wedding tradition) under a large palapa located near our villa and the ceremony location, then it poured while everyone was seated and waiting for our processional at 3:30....then they dried off the chairs and the ceremony at the Akumal hammock location started around 4:15 pm, followed by a champagne toast at the ceremony site, then cocktail hour at Bar El Mar on the beach with Mariachi band, ice luge, and appetizers; followed by our dinner and dancing reception at the Main Akumal Pool from 6:45-9:45 with DJ Bijan...IT RAINED around 9:30 again, and lots of guests just jumped in the pool....then we went inside to Bar Pakal and had the cake and brought our extra liquor to the bar with us....then went to the club. AMAZING AND FUN!
  10. try this link, hopefully it works... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10100628987830198&set=t.5711726&type=3&theater
  11. I am trying to post some of the 1,620 amazing photos on here- Diego was our photographer- he is absolutely wonderful!
  12. We had an amazing wedding!!!!!!!! Here is my FB link for just SOME of the 1620 photos we purchased!!!! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=5711726
  13. Gorgeous Pictures! We leave tomorrow- Good luck to all brides heading down to Mexico!!! Sunny thoughts!!!!
  14. The time has come and we leave tomorrow!!! Best of luck to all brides heading down to Mexico! Now it's time to pack pack pack!
  15. The organizer is such a fabulous idea- THANKS! Anybody traveling to Riviera next week??? Our wedding is the 19th- and the forecast shows lots of rain!!!! Hoping the sun will shine!!!!!!!!!!!
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