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  1. We are getting married on Dec 3d at the Majestic Elegance 5pm beach ceremony. How about you? By the way, thank you so much for sharing your experience and thoughts. Your story sounds like something I am trying to avoid. I was also thinking to hear a short white dress or suite. I already have one special dress, so I am trying to be proper for church and ceremony. Good luck with all your plans, britb618! And the end of the day, we will get married and it will be great! Anna
  2. Hi Everyone, I need help. I am getting married this year in December in Punta Cana. However, we will be doing legal catholic church ceremony at home Calgary AB. We will keep it small 20 guest just immediate family and bridal party with casual cocktail reception to follow. I don't know what to wear to the church. Do I wear white? Or just a formal outfit? Do we have to do full mass? Anyone who got married in Catholic church, do you know if can get married during a week instead of weekend? I would appreciate any ideas and advices. Thank you, Anna
  3. Hi RoyalBride610, I have a question about wedding attire for church. We are going to do same thing church ceremony just immediate family and bridal party. What did you wear? Did you wear white? Did you do it on the weekend or during a week? And what church were you married in? We are planning to do it in Catholic Church and I am not sure if we have do to an entire mass? I appreciate all your help and time. Thank you, Anna
  4. Hi MandyB, Thank you so much for posting your pics. I definitely they gave me idea how the hotel and restaurants look like. It seems you guys had a lot of funI love the beach photos. I am getting married on December 3d and hope I will be lucky with weather. Thanks again for info Anna
  5. Hi MandyB, Thank you for this post. I am very interested in this idea. I am getting married at Elegance on December 3, 2011. So both restaurants have private rooms where you have dinner. Did you have a set menu? What was the general organization of your dinner? And how long did it take? And then after dinner you had reception at parrot bar, which is one of the options that I am thinking also....How did you organize your reception? Did you have seating area, dj, slide shows, speechs, and snacks? I would love to hear what worked well, what did not...Because I was considering to buffet at the parrot or wet bar, but your way will save me a lot of money Thank you Anna Quote: Originally Posted by MandyB I saw one party on the beach with the buffet but I don't think it was a wedding. Maybe just a group of people getting together for dinner?? Our reception at the Parrot Bay was from 8:30-9:30 and I never saw any guests walking through. I really would suggest having the reception, rather it be all with the dinner or without. And to be honest, the dinner at the steakhouse or seafood restaurant is nice and they put you in a private room. So why pay the extra money for the dinner with reception? Just my 2 cents! :-) I know it's overwhelming but take time to enjoy the ride! Mandy
  6. Hey girls, I am sorry to hear about your struggles. I don't know how I feel about if my MOH or BMs bailed, but I tell you I will not be shocked if they do. I think sometimes we confuse a true friendship with people who we hangout all the time and think they are true friends. I have a few very close friends but they are very self-centered and selfish, I look pass that. Even one of my best guy friend said he could not believe that I didn't ask him to be my BM....like seriously? get over yourself! You are lucky that you got invited! I had people asking me to change my date because it did not work with their schedules or gf or bf could not make, I said N-O. I always say if there is a will, there is a way. I am planning to get married ones to a man I love, the most important person that has to be beside me is him. The rest of people will come and go into and out of our lives...So have a drink and seek support in a arms of your man... Good luck with the rest of the planning. One day you will look back at it and remember how happy you were marrying a man of your dreams in paradise with blue water and pillow soft white sand...We are so lucky and fortunate that we could do that:)
  7. I happened to be at Alfred Angelo store at Beverly Hills LA totally accidently. I tried many dresses and I loved them all, but I picked #2164 in ivory http://www.alfredangeloca.com/Collections/ProductDisplay.aspx?productID=761f983f-491e-43df-b918-8581f31ff3cb&categoryID=6dc27e65-2266-42ac-a07c-1829aada1495&pg=3&colorId1= Yes and I cannot wait to try it in my size either...I have to keep revisitng the dress pictures, so I don't forget what it looks like lol I should get in in June:)
  8. I am thinking of wearing flip-flops for ceremony, since it will be hard to walk on sand in heels, but I will change into heels for reception. I am all about heels and pretty shoes. I would like to be tall like a tower in my pictures. I will probably change into flip-flops again for dancing after midnight lol
  9. I got the same shoes They look awesome but I must say good for you for wearing on the beach that was probably complicated...
  10. Hey Everyone, We are finally decided to get married at Majestic Elegance on December 3d, 2011. We have not booked yet, but I hope to do so in a next week or two. I am planning to do a private reception because we want to incorporate speechs, slide show and music. However, I am quiet disappointed with prices for everything. It's truning out more expensive than I hoped to be. I was wondering if anyone can share some info about centerpieces by there vs bringing your own? Also, I cannot decide between beach vs Parrot bar or ballroom? Nicole since you already had your wedding there, any feedback you can give about those venues? What is a basic ceremony decor that we don't have to pay for? and I cannot decide about having private bar...I think it's very expensive for alcohol. What are some of your opinions about that? I am thinking to bring some of my own booz...or make guests to go to the bar that will be open late... I would love to hear any suggestions and feedaback about hotel and wedding planning process. Thank you, Anna
  11. Hi Jill, In wedding days it's not early to start planning. However, you will not able to book flights or find out prices for travel packages. I had the same problem. I got engaged in Decemeber and planning to have wedding at the beginning of Dec 2011, and I am working with travel agent right now, and not all companies have prices out. I have to wait another month to collect quotes from all tour companies. Meanwhile, I am doing research on hotel wedding packages, colors, invitations, available dates for wedding and so on. Trust me there is a lot to do and time flies... anna
  12. Hi Everyone, I just read the entire your correspondance and WOW...I am just starting to plan my wedding. I have not chose PPC yet, but I was considering PPR. Brides who went to PPC who was the resort? Also I am considering Majestic resorts; however, I am afraid that they will be expensive for guests to travel. And I am considering Iberostar Bavaro only because it will be cheaper. Any advise about the resort choice? I would like to thank you all for sharing the details of your weddings and information, because today I received all basic information from Theresa and I got scared that it will be expensive, but I can see where the cost can be cut down. Another thing that makes nervous is amount of guests. We are planning to have between 80-100 guests, which is a lot, but my fiances wants invite everyone. I can see that extra cost are going to kill me hahaha Is there such thing as a free wedding package these days or it's all llimited? I am sure everyone did your research... Last question, what made you to choose PPC instead any other hotel that you could of have your wedding at? Thank you...
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