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  1. Thanks for posting pictures, SheriB! Your wedding looked amazing. I am getting more and more excited! We have also decided on orange & pink for our big day. I just LOVE the color combo Nicole
  2. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I have logged in, I have been swamped at work! I am looking forward to having next week off...lots of wedding planning ahead!!! I hope all the wedding planning is coming along for everyone. Jarred and I sent out our Save the Dates on Monday...SO, SO EXCITING!!! Now that we officially have our date locked in (11-12-11) and our photographer booked, I feel like I can breathe. Now it's time to start working on all the fun stuff; dress shopping, colors, etc. ~Nicole
  3. YAY!! It is official....I am getting married on November 12, 2011 at Las Caletas!
  4. Thanks so much ChicagoPT! I e-mailed Kelley about moving my ceremony up an hour and she said that she will do her best to accomodate me but it just depends on how many tours she has scheduled for that day. How far in advance did Kelley give you the okay regarding moving your ceremony forward? Also, I just thought I would mention that Kelley said sundown is about 7:00 pm this time of year. Thanks again, Nicole
  5. You are such an amazing photographer!!! We are getting married at LC in November and we were originally thinking of flying a photographer from CA. You are definitely making me question this! Quick question for you, based on your experience if our ceremony is at 6:15 pm, will we have enough light for bride/groom pics afterwards? I don't want to see the groom before the ceremony so I hope it stays light long enough. Thanks!
  6. Hi Horegan, I am also getting married at Las Caletas! We are undecided where our guests should stay but we are leaning towards the Sheraton. The hotel looks beautiful and the rates are very reasonable. Do you know how far the shuttle will be from the Sheraton to the Marina? Also, is the Sheraton close to downtown? I know my guests will want to go out and explore the bars/clubs Thanks, Nicole
  7. Hi HolleyC, Thanks for the great review! Quick question for you, I am thinking about having my wedding at LC in November as well. You mentioned the heat a few times. Was it really hot/humid? I am worried that it will be too hot or that it will rain. Thought I would contact you since you have personal experience. Thanks, Nicole
  8. Thanks so much ladies! I feel much more confident about my decision Andi- I have seen your wedding video & photos....what a beautiful bride! Also, thank you for the link but I have actually read through the thread and that is how I came to such a quick decision. I got so many wonderful ideas for colors, photographers, djs, transportation, etc. Thank god I found this!!!!! Nicole
  9. Hi ladies!!! He popped the question and I am officially a 2011 bride to be. Am I crazy? I have been engaged 9 days and I have already made up my mind...Las Caletas it is!!! Everyone keeps saying that I am rushing into making a decision on the location but I have never been so sure of anything in my life!!! Advice?? Take my time or is this it? Thanks, Nicole
  10. Thank you so much!!!! Excited but a bit overwhelmed
  11. Hi everyone! I am a newly engaged 2011 bride to be!! First, I am SO thankful that I discovered this site. I cannot tell you how helpful it has been My fiance and I have decided on Las Caletas for our November 2011 wedding. My only fear is that it will either be too hot or that it will rain. Does anyone know how the weather will be in November? Looks like Las Caletas fills up quickly so we have to make a decision pretty quickly. Thank you in advance!!! Nicole
  12. Hi everyone!!! YAY!! He did it...I got the ring on Christmas I am so thrilled, honestly could not be more excited. Now the planning begins. We have decided on Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!! This is my first day of research and I am overwhelmed by the venue choices. Las Caletas looks so beautiful! Any thoughts? Also, we are aiming for November 2011. Does anyone know about the weather this time of year? HOORAY for 2011 brides!! Congrats to all.....
  13. Hi there! I just got engaged on Christmas!!! Could not be more excited but now the planning begins. There are a million venues to choose from but I keep getting pulled towards Las Caletas in PV. We are thinking Nov/Dec 2011. Do you have any information you can share about this beautiful place? Pricing, transportation, etc.? Also what is the weather like this time of year?? Thanks so much! Nicole
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