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  1. Hey ladies! Does anyone have a contact for someone at the Spa? We leave for vacation at Moon Palace exactly a week from today I was hoping to make some massage appointments before we go, because I hear they fill up. I'm not sure if they only allow you to reserve in advance if you are going for a wedding or not??
  2. You will always have those certain people that will complain about what you're doing for your wedding...if they can't afford it, then they don't come...we made that perfectly clear from the start as well! My husband and I were married at Aventura Spa Palace last year and our guests had the BEST time. When we were in the beginning stages of planning the wedding, I felt bad that it would be so expensive for people and considered switching to a 'cheaper' resort...BUT don't be fooled, those 'cheaper' resorts come at a cost on quality!! The hubby and I stayed at a cheaper resort (different brand than Palace Resorts) and we hated it!! Horrible food and service! From then on we decided we would spend the extra $$ to have a great vacation, because you DEF notice a difference in Palace Resorts vs other cheaper resorts! So stick to your instincts and go with what YOU want We loved Palace Resorts so much that we just planned a trip back in a month to stay at Moon Palace this time...hoping to get to Beach Palace for one of the days we are there!
  3. Hi ladies! I was wondering if anyone has any input on which section of Moon Palace to stay in?? We are not getting married there, but going on vacation there for a week at the end of January We got married last year at Aventura Spa Palace, but decided to try Moon this year. I have read a lot of the reviews on tripadvisor and it seems that there is construction going on in the Sunrise section right now, so we should stay away from that. A lot of people seem to say that the Grand is the nicest section, but that Nizuc is close to everything...so I am torn on what to do?!?! If anyone has been there recently and has any input I would appreciate it!! Thanks
  4. The programs I made for the ceremony. Reception dinner at Mundaca Restaurant...outside under the covered roof. Picture of Aventura Cove at night...beautiful!! Our cake...3 different flavors-chocolate, carrot cake, and tres leches...all delicious! Horse and carriage...BEST way to arrive...everyone LOVED it:) Tulum Gazebo set up with the Amber package Mexican Trio Band at Cocktail Hour on the Cove Terrace...loved them too!
  5. I'm not sure if you were asking another Amber, but my name is Amber, so I will answer your question! We got married in the Tulum Gazebo which is on the Spa side, so unfortunately my pics won't help you with that. We did have cocktail hour at the Cove Terrace and dinner reception at Mundaca Restaurant which are both on the Cove side. We absolutely LOVED the Cove Terrace for Cocktail Hour...I will try to find some pics and post them. We were married last December, so I'm not sure if anything changed since then or not. We are in the process of planning our trip back for our 1 year anniversary!! Can't wait to return...it was such paradise
  6. Just an fyi- regarding the money that you should get back for complimentary nights because of how many rooms your group earned...we DID get our money back!! I would suggest that if you used a travel agent to have them look into it. The resort sent our refund money to the travel agent and then the travel agency cut us a check for the same amount. So I definitely would NOT let that go...because if I remember correctly, it was a couple hundred dollars we got back! So if you did use a travel agent, I would have them look into it...
  7. Have such an AWESOME time ladies...it's SO fun that you will all be there together! Can't wait to hear all about it
  8. ckrn- were you still interested in the sashes? Just wondering because other people have expressed interest as well...let me know...thanks!
  9. Chase- I'm so glad we could help ease the tension!! I know how I felt in the months leading up to our wedding and they were stressful, but after being through it now, I would not have done it any other way! SO happy with our decision I would have to say that we enjoyed our time in Mexico 10 times more than we did our at-home reception and we spent like four times the amount of money on the at-home reception!!! That just really confirmed to me that a destination wedding was our best choice. I would definitely say that I did get conflicting responses from the Miami coordinator and the resort coordinator (I felt Miami didn't always give me accurate answers, so I made sure to double-check everything with the resort).
  10. The sashes are from www.tableclothsfactory.com. They are the turquoise color listed on tahe website...I attached the link below... http://www.tableclothsfactory.com/Turquoise-Chair-Sash-p/a16b_sash_orgz_turq.htm
  11. I just posted some items for sale...see link below! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/78841/teal-turquoise-sashes-napkins-and-seashell-items-for-sale#post_1748545
  12. I forgot to mention above that I have the following items as well... 12 Raffia Fans (never been used) ----- $18.00 for all of them 10 Hibiscus Beach Bags (never been used) ----- $16.00 for all of them The above prices INCLUDE shipping!
  13. The following items are for sale...they were only used once for my at-home reception! -30 teal organza chair sashes (I actually used these as table runners)----- 65 cents/piece or $18.00 for all of them -30 teal satin napkins ----- 75 cents/piece or $21.00 for all of them -20 fake white scalloped seashells (nice for decorating use) ----- 95 cents/piece or $18.00 for all of them -12 fake white starfish (nice for decorating also...or I used them for name placecards) ----- 95 cents/piece or $11.00 Send me a message if you are interested in any or all of these items...they can be sold as a package deal as well...$65.00 for everything! The above prices INCLUDE shipping
  14. Also forgot to mention...be sure to save and BRING ALONG the confirmation emails you get for the spa (and confirmation numbers). The Spa can be a bit unorganized and sometimes had a tough time finding our reservations, but it all worked out! You just want that information with you so you can prove that you made the reservation. Just some helpful hints...
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