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  1. We have our AHR coming up on August 13th. It is at a local park with a covered shelter and we're having it VERY casual. We have a family member catering our event with heavy appetizers and we're supplying beverages. I want to show our wedding video and the only way I can think of doing it is on a computer and just having it run continuously so everyone can see it throughout the day. Our guests will be arriving throughout the day, so there isn't a sit-down lunch/dinner. How else can we do the video? Also, we will have some games to provide some entertainment (bean bag toss, etc) and we'll also do our first dance for everyone when a majority of people are there. Any ideas on how we can decorate the park but not have it too formal? I have lanterns and centerpieces...anything else? I want it to be a fun event but yet keep it very casual - like a day at the park with family and friends...thoughts??
  2. We are back from our wedding at DT and had our honeymoon at the Royal Hideaway. I'm so sad to be back to reality! We had a GREAT time and so did our guests! It was amazing at how wonderful of a job Dreams did! I'll be posting my review soon.
  3. OMG! My last day of work is tomorrow and we leave bright and early Saturday!! I'm so excited!!! Can anyone think of things that I may be forgetting to pack? I feel like I have everything but it's usually 1 little thing that miss -
  4. I've been reading some posts and there are quite a few that indicate that they are writing their own ceremony wording - is this true for all symbolic ceremonies? Dreams hasn't told me anything about this...HELP!!! I was hoping the judge would have set readings and we'd just add some of our own readings if we wanted.
  5. On the wedding day, are you supposed to wear your engagement ring on your right hand? Or do you still wear it on your left?
  6. WOW!! Our wedding is in 2 wks and we leave in 9 days!!! I'm so excited! Why does it feel like I'm missing something???
  7. What are you ladies doing for a Guest Book? I was thinking of doing a frame everyone can sign and then when we get our pics of the group in, we can put it in the frame - but I'm concerned with transporting the frame to and from Mexico...ideas??
  8. DanniS - We will be there until the 15th and then we'll be going to another resort for a few days alone. It would be great if we could get together!! We are having our rehearsal/welcome dinner on the 11th and then after the wedding, we're just going to hang out for a few days!
  9. Received some interesting news today...my sister (MOH) sent me a text message saying that she can't plan my bachelorette party - she told me about 2 months ago plans were going well and that she was going to send invites out soon - that never happened - no invites were sent, nothing planned, etc. Well - her text also indicated that my cousin's wife was going to plan the bachelorette party...I love this gal, but now I don't know what to do...the MOH hasn't helped with anything so far and I'm very pissed! I'm glad that my cousin's wife is willing to put together a bachelorette party on short notice - so do I have to get her a gift for doing this?? I don't mind but what's customary? What should I do with the MOH?? She's pissing me off lately!
  10. Tisha (TLGnhci) Azul Sensatori, Riviera Maya, Mexico May 2nd Leave in 27 days!! Nemmerz Secrets Maroma, Rivieria Maya, Mexico May 5th Leaves in 30 days Sunkisseddeams (Lisa) Dreams Riviera Cancun, Riviera May, Mexico May 6th Leave in 29 days!! Deanna(deannamarie85) Coral Cove Resort and Spa little Bay, Jamaica May 7th Leaves in 32 days! Heidi (hmlicos) Dreams Tulum, Tulum Mexico May 12th Leaves in 35 days Gingerpeach(Bev) Half Moon- Montego Bay-Jamaica May 21st Leaves in 47 days Michele (NurseM) Dreams Cancun, Cancun Mexico May 24th Leaves in 47 days!!!!! Tiffany (kitty25967) The Grand Palladium, Punta Cana, DR May 28th Leaves May 25th
  11. Does anyone know what type of Ipod docking station the resort has? I don't have an Ipod, but have a similar MP3 player and was wondering if I could just attach an adapter to it to be compatible with my Zune.
  12. Hello ladies! We decided to go with the sound system and Ipod dock for the ceremony - however - we don't necessarily have the Ipod - we have a Microsoft Zune. Do any of you know if the Ipod doc the resort uses has a headphone jack? I can buy an adapter for our Zune and it's basically a headphone jack to plug into the system. If anyone knows that would be helpful - or else, I'll have to borrow an Ipod from someone or figure something else out. Thanks!
  13. Sara - when are you getting married? I chose the Dolphin Pool terrace also. I hope things work out for you. Unfortunately I'm not sure how the other pool terrace is set up in terms of lighting.
  14. Thanks, doll! I don't know what I'd do if our stuff didn't make it thru customs!! I'll just tell my MOH and my other sister to pack light so they can take some of my things with them!
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