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  1. @ cherazi-- i love the date as well! think it fits our personalities
  2. thanks so much everyone! i will try to bring most everything with us, but we also have these bigger metal lanterns that will hold pillar candles that just seem so big! think we're going to ship half of them soon, and bring the rest with us when we head down.
  3. hi guys, i'm getting married in tulum on may 13th, and i am gathering everything for decorations and favors. are any of you guys shipping things in advance, or planning on carrying them as extra luggage on your flight? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I think there will be 60-80 guests. We are opting to stay in the Playa region, then transport people to Tulum for the wedding. Some of us will go a week prior to the event and hang out in Tulum for a few days and relax. It's difficult to have everyone stay there, b/c there are several guests who will not be ok with the lack of A/C.
  5. that's great to hear! i actually just booked my wedding at Ak'iin today. Now I'm trying to decide if the wedding group should stay at Playa Del Carmen or Tulum. Any suggestions?
  6. Thanks for the input! I am currently deciding between Ana y Jose and Ak'iin for May 2011. And the wheels are already in motion for booking the photographers from Del Sol-- they really are amazing!
  7. congrats! i'm in the same boat right now, but trucking away. good luck!
  8. hi guys- i was just wondering how much a wedding coordinator is supposed to cost. does anybody have an estimate? Thanks!
  9. loved your blog- do you mind me asking which venue you are using for your wedding venue? Â thanks!
  10. thanks for sharing! i was actually looking for a venue for my wedding, at the Sandos looks great! congrats on your wedding!
  11. hi, Â i'm recently engaged and trying to plan a wedding in the maya riviera for april 2011. i've been looking into some of the resorts, and although they are beautiful, my fiance and i would like to have out guests more centrally located out of playa del carmen. we'd ideally love to have our guests stay in hotels there and have our wedding venue slightly farther away in either a beautiful rental or villa in a more private setting. does anyone have any suggestions or wedding coordinators they can recommend? any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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