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  1. It certainly wasn't a top notch ceasar salad by any stretch of the imagination but it was fine and what I would have expected for a ceasar salad in the Dominican. I can't compare it to any other appetizers though.
  2. I'd let Carolina know ahead of time just to be sure but I don't think we did. I think we just let them know when we showed up at the restaurant. They still get the appetizer and dessert too. Oh just another FYI. I mentioned in one of my last posts that if you go with the caesar salad beware that it comes with anchovies on top which I didn't know ahead of time. I don't like them so I picked them off but I know a few of my guests would've much rather not have them on them to begin with. Had I known I would have asked to leave them off because they were very fishy and even after you take them off the taste stays in your salad. For those who like them, great but it's not my kinda thing!
  3. Just thought this was worth mentioning again....the beef medallions were amazing!!! All of my guests raved about them. They are cooked medium to medium well so if you are someone who doesn't like their meat that way you may want to get them to cook it well done. Out of my 52 guests, they had to cook about 12 well done for us and they turned out great. We also had 2 children with us and they had no problem seving them hamburgers and fries. The beef was served with mashed potatoes and a veggie but I can't remember which veggie. They try their best to fancy up the plate decoratively to make it more formal. For those of you wondering, they also did up a little paper menu with a beachy pic on the front with our names on it and they list the courses on the inside. It is FAR from fancy but the gesture was greatly appreciated as I opted to not bring a dinner menu with us for the reception.
  4. Kitty- There were 5 birthdays within the family and friends that came with us for our wedding and we had a birthday cake for all of them. If you are on the Royal Suites side you simply go to the Butler located in the RST lobby a day or 2 before you want the cake and let them know that you need a birthday cake. It cost 20 dollars and it was delicious!! It fed at least 20 people and then some. I can't remember what the flavours were but I think you had a choice. They also put Happy Birthday with the persons name on it. We too wanted to go somewhere special to celebrate, so we opted to meet at the RST poolbar at around 8pm and they put patio tables in a circle to accomodate around 20-30 people. It was a beautiful night out and it ended up being a nice private party.
  5. Kitty, don't just go by these colours. My colour was purple and Carolina had them but they aren't displayed in this pic. Ask her just in case.
  6. Kitty, I have to agree with Shelia. Hemingways has more of a lounge feel to it and their drinks are probably the best on the resort. The Sports Bar is not much of a bar at all actually. It's more of a common area with tables, fooseball and one small televison from what I can remember. Don't get me wrong we loved the sports bar because of the munchy food options but it's not your typical sports bar you would find in Canada or the USA. There is a small area outside the Sports Bar that has small tables but it wouldn't accomodate a lot of people. I would say your best bet would be Hemingways.
  7. Kitty- My room was 5806 and it was a corner room so we had a little private alcove in the pool which was nice. Oh and were you asking about Hemingways because this isn't much of a bar, at least we didn't think so. There is a piano but I never heard anyone playing it unless you know someone in your party that does. Also it is just a bunch of tables and game tables to sit around. Any night we went there were a lot of older people there and it wasn't very lively but that is just my opinion. One plus to it was that they had by far the best made drinks that I had tasted. Just an FYI incase you're wondering. Richarsd- You made a wonderful decision with Michael as your photographer. He shoots the wedding and then a few days later, depending on how long your vacation is (we had 14 days), he will pick you up and take you to a private beach to do the trash the dress. We actually took casual photos and chose to wear casual wear instead of wedding clothes for fear of ruining the dress and because we are having an AHR in one week. Everyone I have shown the pictures to are in awe, some saying they are the best photos they've ever seen. He makes you a coffee table book that I can't put down it is so incredible. If you want to get a sneek peek I could add you to facebook (if you are a facebooker??) where I have most of my album, just let me know.
  8. Hi ladies, Just got back today from the Palladium!! Our wedding was everything we ever imagined...so rest your minds. Carolina is AMAZING and she will take very good care of you. To start....I had 52 guests and upon arrival we found out that we had all been upgraded to the RST section.Sounds great doesn't it! Well it was for most of us but for the 3 families that had children under 18 not so much! They weren't able to get the upgrade and their rooms were not nearly as nice on the Palace side. After 2 days of me going to the reception desk they were all moved to ocean front loft rooms and they were happy and so the party began. Our rooom was a swim up room and it was breath-taking. Everyone loved their RST rooms and I think it will be hard to match them in the near future. My group was not put in all of the same area, we were spread out all over the place but it ended up being fine. I was in the newer section with the swim up room and so were some of my guests but others were closer to the beach with very nice rooms as well but they had a 1 minute walk to the beach and main pool where we had to walk about 5 minutes or so..no big issue with that! I had my hair done at the Spa...looked amazing. It was exactly like I wanted. The cost was 120.00 and well worth it! My wedding was set to happen at 2 o'clock but when we had our meeting with Carolina she informed me that it changed to 4. I was very happy with that. We were also told that La Uva was under renovations and closed to the public but they opened it just for us on the night of our wedding. So we ended up having a private reception at no extra cost. For our dinner we had cesaer salad, beef medallions and the chocolate brownie. It was awesome but if you have people that like their meat well done you may want to speak to someone ahead of time because it was done medium. Also the cesaer salad had anchovies on it just an FYI. The wedding cake was also very good but I brought ribbon and flowers to add to it which made a big difference. I also brought decorations (candle holders, place card holders, crystal accents) and Carolina decorated beautifully. My photographer was Michael Weiler and he was so worth the 1200. He shot the wedding and then picked us up a few days later and did a private shoot on a private beach. I can't stop looking at my photos. We are thrilled with his work. We also had Pastor Rick York do our ceremony along with the judge. It ended up being 2 small ceremonies but I am so glad we did it that way. Pastor York made it feel a little more like a wedding ceremony which also included the sand ceremony. His cost was 300 and again worth it to us. I know I am all over the place here but I am still exhausted and need sleep. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I will hopefully have a chance to add some pics and more info shortly. Happy Planning,
  9. This probably not going to make you feel any better but I'm getting married 1 week from today at the GPB and nothing is confirmed yet. Carolina said that we will confirm everything at our first meeting. It makes me a bit nervous but from what I've read from previous posts is that she is amazing and everything will turn out fantastic. I know that this doesn't help with the preparation of your menus but hopefully it can ease your mind about other details that haven't been confirmed. Can't believe I leave in 3 sleeps....married in 7...yikes!!!
  10. So excited for you Shelia!! Can't wait to see pics. I leave in 5 weeks....time has flown by. I look forward to hearing all about your special day!! Congrats
  11. What a great planning thread. I loved the jellybean place card holders. I may have to "borrow" that idea...lol!!
  12. How am I suppose to decide on a cake when there are too many amazing choices??
  13. Thanks for the info JanineA. I too was going to order the fancy ones from etsy but the ones of the Knot seem to make more sense because of their size and I can buy more of them for the price that I was going to spend on the fancy ones.
  14. Great ideas! I'm so excited to go shopping for my candy buffet!
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