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  1. Ughhhh...I wanted a donkey sooooooo bad for my fiesta themed wedding...Dang it, I could not find anyone to rent me one. I am not sure if they are allowed, but I LOVE the idea, how fun and festive. I would love to see your wedding and how it turns out!!!
  2. Hello, I did not end up hiring a cigar roller, as my budget expired before I was able to squeeze that in....HOWEVER Yazmin De La Mora, is able to arrange that for you. We booked our Mayan dancers, and Shaman through her and everything was PERFECT. I "THINK" it cost abnout $500 for the service, yet I think it would have been super cool, and I regret not having the service as I ended up paying $330 bucks for cigars for the men as party favors anyways. Cigars are not cheap, so I think it is a good investment. I will attach her email...You will find MANY rave reviews of her services on this forum, she really is outstanding and provides numerous services. Thanks, Hope this helps. info@yazmindelamora.com
  3. Yes..OR do as I did and find a florist wo will pre order your flowers by the stem. Then you get exactly what you want, and it is a FRACTION of the cost. This is what I did and I had TONS for flowers for really cheap. Cherry Blossom floral will do this for you, and they are located in playa. You can either pcik them up or have them delievered. This in my opinion is your best bet. No matter how much planning you do, your wedding is also a vacation and you dont want to be hunting around looking for flowers if you don't have to. Let me know if you want any pricing or thier information.
  4. Thank you Lyman, very sweet!! Yes I am lucky I found the perfect photographer to capture my best day yet!!!
  5. HI there, Congrats!!!! What fun and excited lies ahead for you. I suggest you look into Iberostar or the Grand Palladium, or even the Grand Bahia principe. All of these are GREAT resorts, with VERY reasonable prices and will offer a ton of activites and luxuries for all of your guests. Cancun, in my opinion is a little too "spring break" like. In addition, if you choose the Riveria Maya region you are close to PLaya Del Carman, and many theme parks, Mayan ruins ect. Basically, it will place you in a more centralized location so all of your guests can partake in whatever activities they wish. The Azul Sensatori is very nice as well, just closer to Cancun, yet a good option as well.
  6. Hi there, Although we got married off site, myself and all of our guests stayed at the Palladium, white sands section. I had slow communication as well, yet when I arrived everything for my rehearsal dinner was is line, even all of my specail request, and I had many. Regarding a Mayan Ceremony, Yazmin De La Mora services are the BEST.... They made eveything flawless and all of my guests were blown away....I strongly suggest you contact her. Also, her prices are very reasonable, we hired exyra services such as mayan dancers....soooooo cool, but if you are on a budget the shaman may be enough alone for your wedding. Here is a link of a few photos in a blog from my wedding of the mayan ceremony...take a look... Thanks Pamela http://www.abrilliantphoto.com/blog/?p=2176
  7. Hello, I would love to assit you with your wedding planning. After a year and half of planning and many visits to Mexico, I was married in a small Tulum Hotel on May 5, 2012. Planning a wedding outside the US can be time consuming, yet I must say mine turned out perfect. I have already built relationshsip within the area with florist and many other vendors. I am very details oriented and wish to work with creative brides who are wanting to create an wedding vision. I love creating entire wedding concepts from start to finish, and destination wedding are a BLAST and allow for all sorts of fun ideas. I will attach a blog from my wedding, which will give you an idea. I wanted a fun bright wedding with influence of the local culture..as you will see..Email me what type of wedding you would like to create and I would gladly assist you with information. pamela.bigelow@park.edu. Look forward to hearing from you, Pamela http://www.abrilliantphoto.com/blog/?p=2176
  8. Hello, I would love to help you!! I was married at a small little hotel in TUlum, on May 5 2012. I spent a year and a half and a few trip to Mexico find ing the best of the best and creating my perfect wedding. I am sure I could save you a ton of time and headache by providing you with all of my insite. I will attach some photos from my wedding, it is a blog my photographer made. Keep in mind, we had a particular concept in mind. I would LOVE to assist you!! I actually just got back from Mexico , scoping out some locations for a September Bride. Please feel free to email me and I can provide you with a great deal of information. Pamela (pamela.bigelow@park.edu) http://www.abrilliantphoto.com/blog/?p=2176
  9. What type of wedding are you wanting? A resort wedding perhaps at an all-inclusive, or a smaller more private romantic location? Also, will children be attending?
  10. Do NOT count on flowers from Wal-mart, in May they are so picked over that there were only plants in pots left, and we just got back last week, and in Jan, they still did not have very much. If your requirments are basic, there are some local florist shops just down the street from wal-mart and the Mega store where you can buy roses, lillies, and sunflowers, and few other for good prices.
  11. I just thought I would go ahead and share my photo blog from my dream come true...LAS RANITAS wedding!!!! Perfection!! Pamela & David • Las Ranitas, Tulum, Mexico www.abrilliantphoto.com Any questions feel free to ask!!! Cheers to happy Planning and and even Happier marriage!!
  12. Here is a link from my recent wedding..in which I used many services offered by Yazmin....everything was amazing.....Here is the link.....Thanks again!!! Pamela & David • Las Ranitas, Tulum, Mexico www.abrilliantphoto.com
  13. Hey brides....Here is a photo wedding blog of my recent wedding at Las Ranitas!!!! Loved everything!!! Pamela & David • Las Ranitas, Tulum, Mexico www.abrilliantphoto.com
  14. Hello, I just got married at las Ranitas and had the wedding of my dreams. If any brides out there have any questions regarding Las Ranitas please let me know. I will have my blog with photos coming soon...until then I am more than happy to help anyone.Happy Planning and Congrats ladies!!
  15. Well ladies...you are in for a real treat, as Las ranitas is amazing!! Wow...Kate 160 guests...sheesh..That is one big destination wedding. Well I would check at Cabanas Tulum...or la Zebra for the cocktail party. They are both great... Back to My wedding.. Well I planned everything myself, as I am super picky and controlling ( yes, I admit it) so wanted to hand select everything. When I booked Las Ranitas, I was set up to work with Abby, who ended up moving out of Mexico a couple months before the wedding. At that time I was placed in contact with Angelina to follow out my wedding. This was not a huge deal, as I had planned everything myself. Angelina was great and carried out all gazillion of my request and instructions perfectly. I loved everything about my wedding Las ranitas was the perfect place. I had never been there until a few days before my wedding, and as soon as I walked in...I knew it was the right place. I later visited some of the other venues I had looked in to....and it only reconfirmed I made the right choice. I will say the beach area of Tulum, is all fantastic...yet Las Ranitas is a special place. I am not sure about all the vendors she selected for you, but Angelina does great work and I would be confident she wont let you down. The DJ is the best in the area..they were already booked by the time I found them...boo. But the reviews are the best..and many planners in the area suggest them. If anyone needs a florist...Cherry Blossom is the BEST!! I was in contact with Vanessa jaimes, Marvin, another local flroist, Euphoria...yet Cherry blossom was the only one who totally encompassed my concept....( well Vanessa could have but WAY over my budget) for 1/3rd of the price as the others. I could not recommend her enough..she really carried out my vision. I will create a detailed blog and review as soon as I get my professional photos back...if you have any other questions let me know..I would love to help. I am very excited for you future las ranitas brides out there....my day was so special and prefect, I can't wait for more people to experience that!! Happy Planning!
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