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  1. Can you please contact me with her information thank you
  2. I would call the hotel themselves or get email contact info and ask them. Also dont just except one travel agent ask around to a few.
  3. I am with you!! I also just realized the first website that comes up for Iberostar is NOT the official website! It says it in small letters its actually a travel agent. But i think if the website was clear with FAQ and more pictures of break down of the wedding selections, the WC wouldn't be so busy asking the same questions over and over.
  4. I am so glad I came on today and seen this!! I hope this answers alot of questions I have!!! Im excited
  5. Thanks everyone but we have decided to go with Iberostar Paraiso. Great service. I had 2 WC from Grand Palladium in contact and they were giving me dates that the other would say was not available, I didn't choose to have both contact me but one said my day was available and then the other would say no but we can TRY to squish you in at 11:30. I know they are trying to help but it was getting me all flustered. SO i have not bothered there and i am glad with my choice!
  6. Beautiful Pictures!!! Do you have any more around the resort? did all your family stay at one side of the resort or all over?
  7. Thanks for the post. I'm coming from Edmonton, most are. I found the Palladium WC not on the same page and one is rude the other is confused. I'm not picky I just wanted an answer. I don't want to go somewhere they feel they have to email me separately and they both say different things and dates! It comes down to Barcelo and Iberostar. We have lots of kids coming so i want it to be fun for them as well.
  8. I am too getting married in November of 2013!! I am looking into this resort and I have not heard from anyone yet but i know that the Grand Palladium has their WC run ragged and i will not be going there. We have kids from 1-17 age and i want to know if this will be functional for all ages? We also have a budget of $10 for us and $1500. per guest. Is this feasible? We want a Mayan Ceremony non legal.
  9. Help! we had planned on Grand Palladium and heard nothing but great things but Rocio has been too busy to email me back and when Rocio did it was like i didn't matter, cause she or he has so much to do.I am not so happy about this place anymore, also with so many other weddings during the day do i need to worry i will be late or rushed? I really want all my family (including kids ages 1-17). We want a budget of $10,000. which would include my fiance and my travel and stay.We want to budget for $1500. per person for their stay. We gave everyone a Save the Date and I'm in a pickle!!
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