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  1. Does anyone know of any good photographers in Nassau or Freeport who will meet us somewhere to take pictures when we port?
  2. Does anyone know of any photographers in Freeport or Nassau who would be willing to meet us somewhere once we port so we can get some professional pictures taken while we're in the Bahamas in addition to the pictures taken on the ship. I heard the Carnival photographers are not always the best.
  3. Does anyone know of any photographers in Freeport or Nassau who would be willing to meet us somewhere and take pictures once we port? I'd love to get some professional pictures in the Bahamas in addition to the pictures we will have taken on the ship (which I heard were not always so good).
  4. Another thing I just thought about...If you can get the Carnival Capers (the daily newsletters showing the different daily activities/specials) it would be helpful to see that and get an idea of the different things we might want to plan to do as a group on the ship.
  5. We are planning a wedding on the Carnival Fantasy on August 8, 2011. So excited already!
  6. Oh! That's great! Please do take lots of pics and scout out good places for photos It will be helpful to find out, if you can, which locations they typically use for the weddings/receptions. Also, if you see any good restaurants nearby in Charleston, please let me know. I will probably have a Bon Voyage party the night before we cruise since most everyone is staying overnight. I'd also love to know if there's a good hair and makeup person nearby in Charleston. If you can find out if the cabin doors are magnetic, that will be great, too. We are wondering if we should bring magnetic signs for the doors or if we should just use tape. Hope you have a great time!
  7. Hi, CMHoward Looks like I'll be getting off the ship just before you board! I'm getting married on the Fantasy and cruising from Aug 8-13. I agree that the expense is a BARGAIN especially since you don't have to deal with various vendors and making sure everything is set up right. I have been trying to figure out what to do about bridesmaid bouquets, too, since I have 8 bridesmaids and the bouquets through the cruise wedding planner are expensive (especially since they will only be used for the ceremony). Any suggestions you have for putting together bridesmaid bouquets (or tips from your crafty friends) are appreciated!!! I would love to be able to put my own bouquets together but I need some direction/inspiration.
  8. Getting married on the Carnival Fantasy in the Port of Charleston on Aug 8, 2011!
  9. We are getting married on embarkation day on the Carnival Fantasy in August 2011 and we will be sailing to the Bahamas (stopping in Freeport one day and Nassau another day). We considered a destination wedding initially instead of cruise but ended up going with the cruise for several reasons (mainly because it is less stressful planning a wedding in the US and it is more cost efficient and convenient for people to go on the cruise as opposed to traveling to another country via airline.) We are okay with getting married aboard the ship because we will be able to go ahead and get the "wedding jitters" out of the way the first day and relax and party for the entire cruise. Plus, we will plan to take pictures in Freeport and Nassau to add to our wedding album so that we have a good mix of indoor and outdoor wedding pictures.
  10. Since the wedding coordinator strongly suggests everyone arrive the night before the cruise, we are thinking of throwing a Bon Voyage party at a restaurant near our hotel for everyone since there won't be a Rehearsal Party. We are also planning to host a cocktail party (open bar) on the last day at sea to thank our guests for sharing our special day/week. We are going to brink the ipod and dock so that we can play our own music. I read somewhere that they can secure a projector for you, too, if you want to show a slide show with your photos. I may do that since it probably won't take much time to throw a slide show together using a digital camera. I am going to try to snap photos of everybody during the first few days to include in the show. Another idea is to actually burn CDs for everybody once I get home of the slide show and mail them along with the thank you cards. We could also use the slide show at our At Home Reception (AHR). Okay, I think I am talking myself into the slide show idea....Just hope I don't waste too much time in my cabin putting it together!!
  11. I am going with an embarkation day wedding on the Carnival Fantasy in August 2011 mainly to accommodate people who may not want to cruise and also to go ahead and get the "wedding jitters" out of the way so that I can enjoy and celebrate during the entire cruise without worrying about getting sick, hung over, arriving late to a port, etc. I would love to hear about anyone else's experiences with the Carnival weddings. I have a while to go, but I'm already excited and nervous!!
  12. We are getting married on embarkation day on the Carnival Fantasy on Aug 8, 2011; but we would love to have some pictures taken while visiting in Freeport and Nassau to include in our wedding album. Does anybody know of any places that are close enough to the port so that we won't get lost? I would love to have some pretty wedding vacation pictures in the Bahamas to go along with the actual ceremony/reception pictures on the ship.
  13. We are planning an embarkation day wedding, too, for the same reasons. I'll be getting married on the Carnival Fantasy on August 8, 2011. We have cruised before and it was a lot of fun, so I know that once the stress of ceremony is out of the way, I will have a blast!
  14. Trixiebaby!! Am I glad to meet you!!! Even though my wedding is several months off, I am already nervous about the unknowns! I will probably have about 50 guests, but my bridal party is large (8 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen) so I am a little nervous about how everybody will know where to walk/stand, etc. It will be helpful to hear how much detail is shared with you as your wedding date gets closer. I would also love to see "real" pictures of the wedding and ceremony sites once they are all set up. I'm also curious about the videographer's work... I am going with the pianist for the reception since we will only have an hour, and I am thinking we can all meet up later that night in the disco and dance the night away without worrying about a time limit. I think the hour will fly by. Have you heard of any picturesque places in the Bahamas? I would love to get some great pictures of my "new" husband and me in the Bahamas for our wedding album. If you hear of any good spots for pictures nearby the port, please let me know!! I'll be sure to keep posting information as I get it, too. Congratulations and best of luck to you!!
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