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  1. I would love to see these as well - might be handy as our lot are all flying out in just over 2 weeks time. I will PM you my email address
  2. Lyndsey - your photos are absolutely incredible. You both look elated and sublimely happy! Congratulations to you both!
  3. Best of luck Michelle! Im sure you will have an amazing day and all that hard work will be worth it. Cant wait to see the piccies when you you get back. Safe travels MRS!
  4. Nope - if you email him regarding your requirements he will tell you all about it. He drops them off at the venue and they let him in as the flowers are "A gift from home". It made me a bit nervous but Marvin says he does it all the time.
  5. We have 10 weeks to go until we fly out from London. I am very excited but feel pretty busy right now! Has anyone decided on their table arrangements? I think we might just have one long table and miss the place cards so that people can sit where they like. Katie from Zuniga is organising bamboo table runners for it and we will just have candles and short vases with white flowers. Would love to hear if any other girls have arranged any thing funky through Zuniga? Mel xxx
  6. Thanks for that. I havent heard from him since March and I have probably sent 3 emails since then? Only because I have not had responses. I managed to get Moon Palace to let me use him for my centrepieces too as I am having special tropical flowers that we have at home in New Zealand. Im probably just panicking and hopefully will be able to sort it all out when I get there.
  7. Hi ya, Just wondered, is anyone else having communication problems with Marvin? I have been emailing him since the start of the year and all was great. Then all of a sudden he stopped responding? Am I being a worry wart or is this common practice for him? Thanks Mel
  8. Wow! You have done the most amazing job! I loved your brochure and looking to do the same sort of thing. Do you think you could message me your template so that I might be able to have a read through it close up? My email address is mkennerley@hotmail.com Thanks so much for posting this - it really helps us other MP brides to be out loads!
  9. OMG - its all happening! 1 and a half hours and Nicy will be married and Lynsey flew out today! So so exciting! Michelle - you need to stop for a second and take a breath my love. Everything will come together. If you havent got certain bits well heck, so what, I bet you wont notice it while you are out there. All the hard and important stuff is done now and you need a chance to enjoy all your hard work! Get those girly friends of your sto take you out for a cheeky cocktail! Great news about the braces and I hope your little girl feels better soon! Im sure a holiday in a hotel with a very big pool will sort her out right quick smart Your kids are gonna have the best time out there eeeekkkkk! So exciting! xxxxx
  10. Herbie - we fly out on Saturday 30th July until 13th August. Our wedding day is on the 6th at Moon Palace. Starting to get a bit excited now! I love your welcome brochures! They are A . MAZE. ING. I was wondering - would you be terribly offended if I poached some of your wording from it? Mel xxx
  11. Heres a link to the fans if your interested? Love a bargain I do! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/5-8-12-24-Sandalwood-Fans-Wedding-Favour-Gift-Box-/250785443106?pt=UK_Home_Garden_Celebrations_Occasions_ET&var=&hash=item80101d6223
  12. Oh Nicy! You did a great job on your planning thread - its awesome! Made me get all goosey with excitement for you. you were one of the first people to welcome me on these boards Ausust 2010. I think you had just made your barefoot sandals. Now look at ya! Its nearly here! Welcome Lopey! Congrats on the upcoming wedding! There's girls are whizz's and everyone will try to help as much as they can. Herbie hun, what are your dates? I think we are pretty close by date wise? I'll meet ya at Senior frogs for a cheeky frozen Margarita! We brought some gorgeous sandalwood fans in a bulk lot off ebay. They smell fab and they look a little espana which is cute. I got tags wuith our wedding date to tie to them and we only brought ours for the ladies. Total cost £25 for 25 fans Bargain! SamCalv1 - dresses are lush hun! No wedding plans this weekend. I feel really guilty but I just want to be in the sun! FMIL and FFIL have been complaining - "ooh its too hot". i darent tell them to add another 10 degrees heat for the end of July in Mexico . He he he. Oh dear, poor buggers 'll fry! I was wondering who has done welcome brochures? I am really stuck for some wording. we get married at Moon Palace and I was wondering if any one had any guidance on how to do it? Im scared and have no idea what to write! As it turns out the rules seem to be changing all the time at Moon palace anyway. Have a happy Easter gorgeous girls xxxxx
  13. Hey girls! Hows it all going? Havent been on for ages as its been chaotic at work but I shant bore you with all that! Just wanted to quickly get on and say WOOOOOOOP WOOOOOOOOP Nicy! Not long to go hun! get that planning thread draughted as its gonna be a whopper! Cant wait to see all your gorgeous pics when you get back. you are going to make such a lovely bride! 14 weeks till we fly out. Starting to slightly cack myself. Desperately trying to drop some more weight before dress fitting - I am determined to not be Jabba the Hutt over there. Enjoy your long weekend beautifyul ladies - meant to be some cracking weather again this weekend! Take care Mel xxxx
  14. Thanks for posting this! Its great to see all your hard work and to share it. Thanks again - hope everything went well.
  15. Wahaha! That wedding dream is hilairious! I havent had any yet - did you have cheese before you went to bed? Sending lots of positive thoughts your way Michelle - fingers crossed its not stones. If its an infection in your kidneys they might need to stick you on an IV for your antibiotics. I cant believe they still have you on them? I usually notice a difference by day 2. Make sure you get back to your GP ASAP hun. Cant wait to see your pics Lyndsey! Amurka - I think this is really common in Mexico. Im at Moon Palace and they do the same thing. Its been a nightmare. But I have squimred my way round things. Great news that you wont have to compromise though No wedding planning this weekend - off up town for high tea with my girlfriends. MOH - Mrs Flaky - has dropped out last minute as per usual. She doesnt know it yet but I dont think I will even bother ordering her dress. I have no faith in her whatsoever and she's showed no interest. I've cc'd her into the dress email asking for measurements but she never responded to the last one so I doubt she will to this. The swatches for the dresses came today - the colours are just perfect! So pleased I picked an infinity dress so that they can decide how they want to wear it and what length - I just made sure I got to pick the colour! Still feeling like I havent done enough in preperation today. Good news is I had my weigh in - another 2 pounds off. Thank god. I dont think its humanly possibly to eat any less or excersize any more! I was certainly a lot happier fatter WAHAHAHAHA! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - another week on the countdown bites the dust aye girls? HOW EXCITING! xxxx
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