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  1. I have approximately 100 pink and 100 orange organza chair sashes, a basketful of seashells, 4 pink table runners and 4 orange table runners and a pink basket and an orange basket for sale that we used in our wedding and reception. Sashes - $50 for all of them (I originally paid $1 each) Seashells - $10 Table runners - $15 for all 8 Pink Basket - $5 Orange Basket - $5 All that I ask is that you pay shipping. Please message me if you are interested. I just want to get them out of my house before my husband throws them away :-)
  2. Thank you! Yes, the flowers are from the resort. We went with the Ultimate wedding package and added 5 bridesmaid bouquets and 6 hair flowers to it. I showed Leticia a picture of what I wanted and she nailed it! Everything was so beautiful and turned out better than expected. Here is a link to photos from the resort photographers: http://millerresortwedding.shutterfly.com/ They really turned out beautifully, with the exception of a few closed eyes in the pictures :-)
  3. We just got back from our wedding at Dreams Palm Beach yesterday. It was so wonderful and beyond anything I ever imagined. Leticia did a great job, the photos from the resort were wonderful and the staff is so great! We had a beach ceremony and poolside cocktail hour and reception. We hired DJ Mannia and they were awesome as well! Leticia even got the performers from the Carnival show come to the reception. It was absolutely amazing!!! This is a photo from our photographer we brought to the resort with us.
  4. Leah51, do you think you might be interested in buying the dress?? I would take less than what I am asking for it. Thank you!
  5. As of now I have 100 each pink and orange chair sashes, 12 each of pink and orange 8" and 12" paper lanterns and 4 each of pink and orange table runners. My wedding is in December and I plan on using the sashes and lanterns at our AHR in February. Whatever I have that is still nice and usable I can sell you and ship to you ASAP after our reception if you are still interested then. Just keep in touch.
  6. I will have pink and orange paper lanterns, table runners, and chair sashes after my AHR in February 2012 if you would be interested.
  7. For sale. Never worn. Has been in the garment bag since I bought it. I paid $400. I'm asking $350 or best offer. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you
  8. Drinks do come included with the buffet packages for up to 20 people. You have to pay extra for the buffet/drinks for any number over that. I think it's $30 per person or something like that. I did email Melani about the drinks a while back and she said that drinks are included during the dinners and cocktail hours. I can forward you that email if you would like.
  9. Would you mind sharing where you got your AHR invitations? I love them!! Thank you!
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