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  1. Your ideas were so simple and beautiful!!!! Â I hope you had a FABULOUS Honeymoon!!! Sounds Amazing!!!!!
  2. Thanks for the idea, and I love your planning thread, i had the starfish and shells idea as well. Your wedding looked beautiful. Is it ok to PM you if i get stuck somewhere in my planning? Thank you!!! =)
  3. We are all flying out to Punta Cana but I have no clue where to find Tiffany Blue dresses that are affordable, sexy, and stylish. Please help, open to ANY suggestions, we are from NYC.
  4. Congrats on the engagement and welcome to the forum. Happy Planning =)
  5. TheBestFriend


    Welcome, happy planning!
  6. Welcome Angie, Speak to various travel agents and start there. Try not to get overwhelmed, it is after all YOUR wedding, so it should be easy to plan. Look at a FEW pictures, consider your budget and take it from their. Happy planning!!
  7. Happy planning!!!!!! And welcome!! Wedding planners always want simpler weddings! Yours will be fabulous!!
  8. I have not attended a beach wedding BUT, have you ever walked on grass with heels??? Sand is a lot softer. The heel will definitely sink. This will become a personal choice, if you won't mind waling on your toes then go for it. I suggest leave the heels for after the wedding! Lemme know what you decide!! =)
  9. Lurker just sounds so creepy!!! lol... But I will be posting away!!!! Thanks =)
  10. i am sooooooooooooo happy you found another dress that you LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im sure the bridal shop will give you a refund. Its your dress, they should understand!!!! <3
  11. I actually have what she showed the florist, but coincidentally, the photographer put pics up of the wedding on his site. The center pieces are there. If there is anything you like from the pics ask, and Ill be glad to tell you where they got it. http://silverleafweddings.com/?p=686
  12. Thank you all for the advice. I spoke to my best friend and now we happily hunting around for great rates.
  13. Welcome!!! Do tons of searching!!! You'll get tons of ideas from here...
  14. This is a great place to post some samples of your STD cards and also some info on what inspired you and if you made them yourself or had someone do them for you. Below are Sara's (skadow) STD Magnet Boarding Pass. I am new to the wiki's so if you only want post cards here and not all STD's please delete this post. The magnets and envelopes were made by me (Sara) I used Indesign to create all the graphics and outsourced the printing.
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