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  1. WeddingMay- I live in San Diego, and the church I attend has very strict rules about dress as well. In their guidelines they do not allow brides or bridesmaids to wear strapless or low cut dresses without something to cover them during the ceremony. I am getting married in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and know that most churches there are very conservative. I have to wear a shrug because my dress is strapless. I would definitely check with the priest at the church you are getting married in. Good luck!
  2. My bridesmaids are wearing plum purple dresses. Because we are getting married in a Catholic church and the women have to have their shoulders covered. As part of their gift I am purchasing pashminas for them to wear during the ceremony. However, I cannot decide on which color. Any thoughts would be helpful. FYI my colors are white with hints of lavender in the flowers, aside from the girls dresses. The guys are wearing charcoal grey suits. So I am trying to decide between a pale purple, ivory, or light grey/silver. Please let me know what you think.
  3. I searched forever to find these. Via Spiga "Evangeline", I like them because they are simple and tie in with my vintage theme. Hopefully I will love them as much in person when I try them on with my dress. Otherwise it's back to square one.
  4. 11.11.11 - Playa Fiesta, Puerto Vallarta!
  5. If anyone is looking for something inexpensive and cute to add to their bridesmaid gifts, Victoria's Secret online has cute panties that say "bridesmaid" in rhinestones on the back. They are black with black rhinestones and very cute. They are on clearance right now for $3.99/pair. I couldn't help myself while I was ordering some undergarments to wear under my dress.
  6. I found some great cotton totes that I am using at discountmugs.com. They have a TON of bags to choose from and are very expensive. I think mine were around $3 a piece.
  7. Hi Susan- My fiancé, Steve, and I are getting married at PF on 11/11/11. We are super excited too. We are probably at the same point planning wise as you. I emailed Maripepa pictures of bouquets and center pieces that I liked. She told me what flowers were available/less expensive and would achieve the same look as my pictures. I am not super picky about the flowers so I trust that they will be beautiful. Plus she has sent me several pictures of similar work that she has done to what I want. I think sending the pictures really helped. Good luck! Can you tell me a little about the email that you sent out? We have only a few rooms booked. We sent out Save the Dates in November. A few people have RSVP'd on our website, but I would feel more comfortable if more started to book their rooms. Any suggestions or info. on what you included in the email would be really helpful. Thanks! Angie
  8. We are doing a 4 night stay in November for our wedding. We are doing D & E package #1, and am wondering which nights past brides suggest having the dinners on? I know we will definitely have one on Thurs (rehearsal dinner) and Fri. (wedding dinner). But I am wondering if anyone did a dinner on their first night, as a welcome dinner. I was wondering if that was difficult to coordinate with guests arriving at different times. I don't want anyone to miss the dinner. So I am trying to decide between doing one on the first night or the last night. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
  9. I LOVE P90X. I started my first round late last spring, and am on my 3rd round now. I have seen amazing results and am in the best shape of my life. After this round is complete, I plan to do the Lean version for something different. Good luck ladies, stick with it.
  10. I love my tattoos as well. However, my Aunt is buying me the wedding dress of my choice and in return, I promised her that I would conceal the large tattoo on my arm and back for her My fiance is covered, so his definitely will not be getting concealed. I think tattoos are beautiful (when done by a good artist) and are a part of who you are. I think a beautiful girl with beautiful tattoos is extra special. Would love to see pictures of your artwork ladies.
  11. Thank you! I am definitely going to look into Dermablend.
  12. We are going with plum, pomegranate, fire orange, and lilac. Got the idea from weddingnouveau.com They have a lot of great inspiration boards.
  13. I am getting at Playa Fiesta in Nov. 2011. Wondering if there are any brides out there who had their ceremony at one of the local Catholic churches. We are considering this option, but I wanted to get some input from someone who has some experience with it. Any info. about what kinds of documentation you need would be great as well. Thanks.
  14. I did a modified version of the diet plan. I read it for the information, and then tailored it to fit my lifestyle. There is no way that I would have been able to follow that rigid of a diet plan. Believe me I still like my wine, and to eat pizza once in a while. However, the main part of the diet for me is portion control and cutting out most carbs. I was a pretty healthy eater prior to starting the program, now I think I have learned what works for my body. Basically I eat variations of the same thing every week, lots of salads, veggies, soup, lean protein, smoothies, Greek yogurt, nuts, and fruit. On the weekends I splurge a little here and there. I hope this helps. Good luck to you!
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