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  1. Hi Everyone!! Just got back from our wedding a few weeks ago and wanted to put together a quick review to give a shoutout to a few of the people we worked with that don't have separate vendor accounts on here. We stayed at Porto Playa Condo Hotel -- couldn't recommend this place more!!! The condos are gorgeously decorated and they're HUGE! We had full gourmet kitchens and just went around the corner to the MegaMart to buy groceries and booze. We had a penthouse, so we also had access to a grill up on the roof and we bbq'd there several nights - our guests loved it! They have a gre
  2. My wedding is in May and I'm using Fine Art Studio - http://www.fineartstudiomexico.com/ - they don't have a huge presence on this forum, I think that's because they're breaking into the market, but in doing my research, I found their style to be quite beautiful and I like that they're more photojournalistic, plus their price was great!
  3. Would also be interested, but I need more - can you please let me know if they're still available and where you purchased them so I can buy the extras I need. thanks!
  4. Hi AshleyNicole! Would love to see photos when you have a chance to post them! Thanks!!
  5. I would love to get info on the samba brazilian drummers! Did your guests enjoy them?
  6. The best and most economical way is to buy bulk lots of brooches from ebay -- if you're patient, you can find good deals on large lots, so the per piece price can be under $1 - good luck!!
  7. bumping this again - please please let me know if you've gotten lower than $7/chair quotes for Tiffany chairs. Thanks!!
  8. I would love to have performers or some kind of entertainment for our guests to enjoy during the reception. I've tried searching the forums, but I can't really find any recent information. Please chime in if you've hired or looked into hiring a band or any other performers or types of entertainment. Thank you!!
  9. Thanks!! You buy floral wire (it comes in green and silver, I picked silver so that it wouldn't stand out as much) and you twist the wire around the brooch backing to create the stem. Here is the tutorial that I used - http://www.fancypantsweddings.com/how-to-design-a-brooch-bouquet/
  10. What I have found in my search is that small/intimate hotel feel and all-inclusive usually means a very expensive all-inclusive resort. Affordable all-inclusives are large and smaller all-inclusives where you could potentially do a hotel take-over are quite pricey. You'll have to choose if price or "feel" is more important to you. For me, we're having about 50 people and keeping us all together was more important which is why I went with Porto Playa. Plus, having been to many, many all-inclusives in the past, the food isn't that great unless you go to a really high-end one, so I knew we'
  11. Check out Porto Playa Condo Hotel -- it's a 20 unit condo hotel of 2 and 3 bedroom units so it could hold most of your guests depending on how they want to room up. If you need more rooms than that - check out their sister hotel the Taj. As for the reception, I'm doing mine at Kool beach club because we get the whole place to ourselves and they let the party go late. Good luck!
  12. Maria is my wedding planner as well. I can't wait to read your review and see your photos! We're having our ceremony on the second floor terrace of Kool, which is nice because we'll be outside overlooking the beach, but I won't have to get sandy and still get to wear my heels
  13. bump -- please let me know if anyone's gotten a lower quote, thanks!
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