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  1. Yes, I just used a business card template, and changed it to the luggage tags. They fit perfectly!
  2. Hi all, Im planning on making my own bouquets, I found some online that are made out of vintage brooches and thought it was a great idea. Does anyone know any places to buy brooches? I need alot (about 150-200) so they need to be cheap. Any suggestions would be great! Im in the Calgary area. Thanks Emily
  3. These are the brochure Im going to send out before we go. I have a luggage tag for everyone (from Michaels) and a little info on the wedding and Cuba.
  4. We only have 4 kids going, so I went a little overboard! Pretty much everything is from Dollarama or walmart. I did little mini survival kits for the kids, they have toy story band-aids, lipchap, and wetnaps in them. I also had either a cars or toy story theme, Im a big fan of themes! i think they are really going to like them!
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    Thanks everyone!
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    Yup, I am, Calgary. Thanks everyone!
  7. We only had to put down our deposit (bride and groom, $200each) and she held a block for us. Once people decided whether they would make it or not, they had to put down their own deposit.
  8. We just sent out our travel agent info, and told people to book with her. We did have one couple use points and book separately, but they still let our agent know that they were coming and wanted to be part of a group. If you have already given them the option though, you can't really take it back. Just make it clear that you do need to know all their info still, maybe set up a website or something that they can communicate with you. Hope that helps
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    I just learned Im supposed to introduce myself... Im Emily, Im marrying Chris on May 4th, 2011 in Cuba at the Iberostar Laguna Azul.
  10. Hey, does anyone have a map/layout of this resort? I've been trying to find one online, and I can't seem to find it anywhere.
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