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  1. The date is the 16th, we are arriving on the 12th and staying for a week, we are having a small wedding about 14 people, I hope everything goes well
  2. Our wedding date is the 16th, we are flying in on the 12th, and staying for a week. We are having a small wedding approx 14 people. I hope everything goes well
  3. Hello Dreams Brides, Just wanted to say that I love BDW!! Great information and tips!! I am too getting married at dreams this november, less then 4 months away!! Just started with the planning, and I can't wait!! Kat
  4. Hi ladies!! This forum has been great to read, lots of good advise, has anyone used Duosheng? and what is your honest advice? Thanks again!! Katherine
  5. Thanks everyone, I have been busy researching, it's been very helpful, Thanks again!!
  6. Hi, So when do ppl usually send out the STD and invites? I am having a hard time finding out when THe wedding is for mid november 2011, I know it's still a long ways away.. but I do want to give ppl some time.. Pls help Katherine
  7. Hi I started an old post elsewhere, but as I can see ,there's a TON more info here!! So the wedding is to be sometime early Nov 2011 at LC . It's going to be a small wedding (10-20 pp) still in the early planning. I have lots of questions re: budget, photographers, flowers, and where to stay. I have been to PV once and stayed at the Buenaventura for a week and fell in love with PV. So the first question is. How much are people usually spending on the weddings. my fi and i will be paying for it ourselves... and wel.....l would like to have a number to work with?? Pls help!! Thanks ever
  8. Well I am not sure about where all the guest going, I too wanted to give the option of picking a resort. I think most likely they will want to go AI. We too are only inviting a small amt of ppl, pretty much the same as you. We have a budget that I am going to have to work really hard with lol .. so this should be fun. Still not sure how much to expect... I checked out the photographer you mention, they seem pretty good. Hope you post your pics!! Thanks again for the info it's great!!
  9. Thank you very much... nessa0308 , how many ppl are coming to your wedding, and are they all staying at the same resort?
  10. Hi, So plans have changed, and the wedding is going to be in Nov 2011. We have decided that Las Caletas is going to be it!! Does anyone have a suggestions/advice? Did you go with a different planner/florist or photographer? Also.. what about your welcom dinner/ rehersal dinner. Oh i have so many questions. Thank you for all of your help so far Katherine
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    Hi, I am new to this, I was told about Best Destination Wedding Forum from a friend, so far, found lots of good information. THANKS!!! So the wedding is not going to be until 2012 in Puerto Vallarta MEXICO, so if you have any good advice on venues, resorts, planners.. anything... PLEASE feel free to tell me. Thank you so much!! Looking forward to hearing from you all!!
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