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  1. My dream wedding in Jamaica has totally fallen apart (my father will not travel to Jamaica and someone else cannot get a passport) So now we are looking into the Keys for our wedding. Still not really sure about this, in my eyes nothing compares. We are working with a smaller budget -around $10,000 no more then $15,000. so Its hard to fine something we love and that we can afford. Any ideas or suggestions would be great!!!!
  2. Stogy = Saratoga....not sure why the spell check changed it to Stogy....Sorry!!!!
  3. I live in Saratoga Springs, NY....actually right down the Street from Saratoga National. I have been there a handful of times for different events (no weddings) bridal shower brunch, office x-mas parties, dinners, and the bar a few times. you will love it!!! Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding the venue, and just Stogy itself as it really is a beautiful town. Â When are you planning your wedding?
  4. Im not sure if I get your humor....you dont like the pink and yellow combo??? I am def going to add hints or orange. I think it will look very tropical. Â
  5. I finally chose my colors! Pink and Yellow. I couldnt decide so I asked my two year old daughter to choose for me.
  6. I have been having such a hard time deciding on a resort for our May 2012 wedding. I thought that I was going to go with the Grand Palladium but now after reading some bad reveiws of their resort and reading this thread from the first post, I have made up my mind. I am def going to book my wedding at The Iberostar Rose Hall Suites....I am sooo excited! Already e-mailed my TA to check and see if they have my date available.
  7. I have ben thinking colors all day!!! its driving me crazy. Im thinking of teal and orage or purple and orange, but I want my bridesmaid to wear yellow.....cant decide!!
  8. We are thinking of Grand Palladium. Still not 100% positive. We want it to be affordable for everyone coming, plus our daughter is going to be there. So it Limited our options quit a bit. Â Where are you planning? Â
  9. Just wanted to say Hi! I am new to the site and have learned so much already reading everyones posts! Im excited to plan, learn and share my wedding with everyone here at BDW!!! Shawna
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