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  1. Hello, I got married last year in June and was stressing about the transportation also. Two things we did...we stayed at the Westin and so did all of the guests. They sent the boat right to us at a small Marina right at the end of the driveway at the westin..didn't have to pay for a ride there or back..so if you stay in that area..Westin/Melia...something to consider. Also we did a welcome dinner..and the hotel just called us cabs for all of us. Some were vans. I think it ended up costing me $200 total for everyone to get a ride to River Cafe downtown and back. So it was great...just some thoughts for the budget friendly brides.
  2. I had the dancers without the drums and the music they do the show to is great...don't spend the extra $
  3. I got married on a Saturday and I added a 1/2 hour to the front and a 1/2 hour to the end...it was perfect without being to late
  4. I stayed at the Westin and did a great welcome dinner including drinks at River Cafe. I had the hotel call vans/cabs (about 30 people). Everyone loved getting out of the hotel and heading into downtown. The food is wonderful and even on a budget it was not very expensive and they really worked with me.
  5. Brand New- Robin Jillian Bridal Mermaid Dress. Ordered this dress from a very high end boutique and by the time it came in I had changed my wedding venue and purchased a different dress. Dress is new and never altered. It is a size 12 and I'm a dress size 8. Would fit a size 10 woman or could be altered to fix anyone smaller. This dress has a beautiful silver belt attached to it. It can be removed if you prefer by anyone who does alterations. I paid $1300 for this dress in February. The dress is cream and very beautiful. Let my change of heart be your perfect dress. I will ship the dress in the fabric bag that it came in from the store. Shipping is free.
  6. I'm not sure what type of wedding you are looking to have there but I have a few favorite places that I would have mine there..If you don't mind spending $$$$ Grand Wailea would be my 1st choice. Another beautiful and more private option is Mama's Fish House. They both have websites. Let me know if I can help at all. I'll be there in December and again in March if you want me to check out a place for you
  7. I was just reading thru the last 15 posts..I was married there in June and unless you have to have it don't spend the extra money on flowers...with the view there and the limited amount of time you spend up at the tables it is really not worth it. I spent the extra $100 to have orchids in my flowers because I wanted them and got one bag of petals for the isle...other then what they include I would say it is really not worth the cost. For my centerpieces I did the limes with floating candels..I think I was a total of $40 for all 8 of them.
  8. We were there from June 15th-29th and got married June 18th. Th weather started to turn a bit at the end of the trip. I'm not even sure if they do weddings in July. June was really nice but HOT
  9. One more of my acutal ring..the one to the left under it is my band and the other 2 are my now spouses
  10. Thank you Tacori..ended up with a 1.5 in the center : ) Very happy
  11. The tips are $10 a person. I'm not sure if Kelley gets a cut of this but I gave her a few hundred dollars as a tip on top of the tip for the staff
  12. I have been back from the wedding for a little over a month and have gained 6 pounds. I just started working out again today and it was really hard. Try to not get to relaxed when you get back and stay focused on a life long goal of fitness
  13. I brought the fans, cake boxes, a signature frame and the floating candles with me..that was it and it did not take up to much space.
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