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    Dreams La Romana

    congrats!! time is gonna fly by!! I took everything on the plane. I took the glass in our carry ons. We ended with two each checked bags and carry ons. We also farmed out some to family too!! Have Fun!!
  2. It is an expensive project but in the end my guests loved them!! they still talk about them..I also made everything including envelopes ect by hand too so very time consuming!!
  3. SOCCER1615

    Dreams La Romana

    gazebo had small breeze nothing crazy though...Someone at our wedding skyped the whole wedding. It was decent quality and worked well!
  4. if you send me your email I can forward you the templates I used
  5. check ac moore or michaels if there is one in your area...I bought them there and stamped myself
  6. SOCCER1615

    Wedding colors

    more pink and aqua
  7. SOCCER1615

    Wedding colors

    pink and aqua wedding
  8. this was the front and back of my hair with tiny rose buds in it
  9. SOCCER1615

    5-3-13 Dreams La Romana Wedding

    I did!! It was amazing and I'm sures will be as well!!!
  10. SOCCER1615

    Dreams La Romana

    Hdc was awesome!!!!!
  11. SOCCER1615

    5-3-13 Dreams La Romana Wedding

    Welcome and congrats. There is a wealth of information under the dreams la romana forum. Best of luck!! You made a great choice!!