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  1. We have 48 "Message in a bottle's left from our wedding. They are already to go just add your message. They come with the individual boxes, sand, shells and cork for all 48 bottles. PM for pictures. $100 for everything. OBO Thank you
  2. Coral Dress, Size 10. Great for Reception, cocktail dress or whatever you want. Brand New. PM me for Pictures. I will email them to you. Thanks
  3. Natural, I have 8 rafia fans for $20 plus shipping. I'm located in Virginia. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks Stacey
  4. I have 8 Rafia Fans= $20 plus shipping 14 Glass,Shallow fish bowl type bowls for center pieces= $40 plus shipping 18 Glass flower vases for center pieces= $30 plus shipping Make me offers of all the items, or some. Just want to get rid of all the extra things left over from our wedding. Message me and I can send pictures to your email. Thank you Stacey
  5. We are not having a wedding party either. Like everyone else, we didn't want the added drama, or expense to everyone else. The day is supposed to be about us, so by only us being in the wedding, it's DRAMA FREE!!!
  6. Antigua08, thank you very much for your recommendations and the website info. I will check them out. Â Thank you!
  7. Hi Ladies, My Fiance' and I are getting married at the Blue Waters Hotel in July of 2011. We are researching photographers. Any recommendations? Â Thank you
  8. Thank you, I've been looking at alot of site to find wording for these. Any suggestions or cute ideas of how to tell your guest to come barefoot, b/c we will? Â
  9. I got my STD's from vistaprint in the mail yesterday! They look great! I can't wait to send them out!
  10. Cindy, Â The boxes are perfect size and fit the bottles perfectly with no room for anything else, so no worry on the boxes being to large. I ordered everything, bottles, shells, boxes and got it all in a week. Â Hope this helps Stacey
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