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  1. To be honest most of us used outside vendors because at the time they offered a better price and quality. The flowers provided by MP are absolutely beautiful but I got the same amount and quality for half the price using an outside vendor. As far as photography goes, at the time that I booked their photography options were pricey and the work was average at best. Many of the pictures I saw looked like anyone could have taken it with a regular digital camera. I went with an outside vendor, La Luna, because of their artistic style and exceptional quality! Since then I think MP has hired a
  2. You guys are absolutely right. I double checked las night. I had to pay the extra $300 because I used a minister in addition to the legal ceremony. Sorry if I caused any confusion.
  3. You may want to double check on that. It is my understanding that you pay the $300 either way. If you do the legal ceremony it goes toward the legal fees; if you do symbolic it goes to the minister.
  4. The Grand definitely had the best balconies. They have a table, chairs, and an adjustable bed. We were able to entertain a group of about 8 on our balcony one night.
  5. We were just married at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun. We were honored to have Melissa and Jonathan shoot our wedding!!! I know the pictures will be great! I had recently gained a few pounds so I was a little insecure about my looks. Melissa made me feel like a supermodel. I LOVE LA LUNA! Thank you for shooting my wedding. Brides, my review will be posted after I have pictures to post. I am sure I will have even more to rave about then
  6. We did both the symbolic and civil ceremonies. They did the legal part first and it was very quick (less than 10 minutes). Then we did the religious ceremony. It was really seamless the way they did it. We did it this way because we both agreed that we wanted only one wedding date (the justice of peace will not do a religious ceremony). We got 4 copies of our marriage certificate. Claudia gave us all of our certified certificates the day before we left. I am having it translated today so that I can change my name with SSA (socail security administration) on Friday.
  7. Kim enjoy yourself and dont worry about the weather. We were forcast to have 3 daya of rain. We only had two and even then it never even rained a full hour. The sun even shined during the rain. Everything will be just perfect for you.
  8. We stayed in the Grand Section and loved it. We had guest in both the Sunrise and Nizuc and DH and after seeing their rooms in comparison to ours we both agreed that it was totally worth the golf cart rides to be in the Grand Section. The rooms are huge (very important when you have a lot of wedding crap), the bathrooms are large and the balconies are GREAT!. We actually did have a view of the ocean as well. We were in the first bldg in the grand section so the Nizuc lobby was not far from us. I was close to my gazebo. And our balcony overlooked the caribbean terrace where we whad our re
  9. My husband (lol that sounds so fuuny) brought his own clipper to touch up his cut. As for the weave. I dont usually wear it because I have a lot of hair and too much irritates me. My beautician made me clip on tracks. I clipped them in for the wedding hair style and that night before bed I clipped them out. I will post pictures later. It is totally worth it to not be stuck with a head full of weave for your whole trip. Let me know if you have any questions about the clip ins.
  10. Yes the fire show is on Thurday night. We were all there and had a great time. If you go make sure you get on stage and dance when they call for it. It will make for some hilarious pictures!
  11. Girls, It is the morning after and I am now married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best advice that I can give is to not stress about anything; your day will be perfect! . We did not over plan so we just went with the flow. I am so glad we did becuase perfect is boring. We have memorable moments that I am so happy for. Claudia was my coordinator and I promise she handled everything that I forgot to handle without me even having to tell her. I told DH we owe her our first born lol. Melissa and Johnathan from La Luna were our photographers and they are amazing to work with. I actually wanted them to sta
  12. I am not paying for my bridesmaids hair. If I would have requested a specific look or stlye I would have paid.
  13. Okay Ladies, they worked out the room situation.They moved us to a room in the same bldg that has a king size bed. It also has an ocean view (very rare in the Grand Section). The room is perfect. I am so happy. They did mess up our room block. Our guest are spread all over each section but it isnt that big of a deal (none of our guest really care about stuff like that). We had our welcome dinner today. Afterwards we went to the fire show and nightcapped at the disco! We had a great time and I am so exhausted. I am glad my wedding is not until 6pm tomorrow. Tomorrow is the big day.
  14. The weather is nice. It rained for about 30 minutes today. It was sunny even while it rained. The rain brought about a nice breeze. I am loving the weather right now, perfect for balcony time.
  15. Hi Ladies, I am here!!!! We arrived around 12 noon, check-in was not so smooth. I had reserved a room on the grand side. They even let me reserve a specific room (yes I have the email confirming). Well we got here and not only did they not have me in the right room but they had me booked on the Nizuc side. I was VERY not happy, but I kept my cool (of course it was not the fault of the lady at the counter). At first she tried to convince me to take the room on the Nizuc. I explained to her that they charged me a little more for the room that I requested on the Grand side and that I would not ta
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