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  1. You can't rush perfection. And, trust me, you'll receive the perfect video. They do amazing work.
  2. When's the big day ? I can't wait to see what Del Sol shoots for you. I know your pics will be beyond amazing. I'm excited for you !!!
  3. Hi kmiller8609. Thank you very much for browsing our pics. I feel very blessed to have had Sol shoot our wedding and TTD. I'm flying down to Mexico next week for my 4th photo shoot with Sol...I just cant get enough...I think I want to get married again (same husband LOL) just to have an excuse for another photo shoot. Good Luck and enjoy your day...you will have the best souveniers, Your pictures
  4. Hey Matt, After 3 sessions with Sol Tamargo I know what wears well and what melts under the hot Mexican sun...Once I get down there I will be painting faces with this great makeup I have a plentiful supply of this stuff to last me through many brides !!!!!!! Miss you guys !!! Desi
  5. Hello Future TTD'ers, I recently had an underwater boudoir session with Sol Tamargo of Del Sol Photography. I also did my TTD with her as well. I used Benefit Cosmetics cream shadows as those don't budge I also used the Bad Gal Waterproof liner and mascara. You will see in the slide show I was completely immersed in water (FUN). The make-up stayed put. I would highly recommend it as well as the very talented Sol Tamargo. You are guaranteed to look gorgeous in all of her shots Good Luck everyone, Desiree http://delsolphotography.com/blog/post-949/Underwater-Boudoir-cenote-sexy-photos
  6. There is no one better a seeing emotion and completing a video based on that emotion. They're are storytelling genusis. Please PM with any questions. Thanks
  7. Thanks so much, there is an overflowing love we have for each other. Many blessing to you as well!!! If you are planning on documenting your video consider Mediamorfosis they are simply the best
  8. I used Sol for my wedding, but I hear Juan Jose has a similar style and his pics are awesome.
  9. Contact Christian Pinto of Mediamorfosis. Absolutely the best! You can view his work on his blog at medimorfosis.com
  10. If you're still looking for a videographer, you should contact Christian Pinto of Mediamorfosis.com Their work is second to none. Absolutely amazing storytellers.
  11. The entire Del Sol team is amazing. Even if I would have gotten married on another planet I would've still had them as my photographers !!!
  12. Either one will be a fantastic choice...look for a particular style that best suits you and then choose from there. I had the pleasure of having Sol Tamargo + Jonathan (as assistant photographer) shoot my wedding and the following day I had Sol, Matt, and Jonathan for my TTD.
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