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  1. Hey Brides! My wedding is fast approaching (April 21st!) and I was wondering whether anyone out there had the Magical Pkg and wheher you had your hair and makeup done at the Spa (free with the wedding package). Any comments? Pictures? I have just booked my appointment and do not want anything complicated but have never had hair/makeup done while on vacation and wondering what the skill level was like... Any info would be helpful! Thanks so much Denise
  2. Hello | Leanne I am also getting married at the GSP in April!! When is your date? Have you had any luck thus far with the WC? I have been patiently waiting for my contract which she has not yet sent. Have you heard anything further as to whether we'll be able to use the gazebo in April?? Here's to hoping! All the best and thanks for any feedback you can give! This forum is so AMAZING!! Thanks for all of the tips everyone!!
  3. Hey CCM I have finally heard back from the wedding coordinator at GSP via email - Alejandra Hernandez ; I I just hope that she has all of the details that I provided to Sandra...is that who you were using before? I will assume that all will fall into place - so cool that you're getting married the next day and are from the Durham region!! Can't wait...as I find things out from her, I will post and keep you in the loop - would love feedback from you too All the best! Denise
  4. Hey Brides to Be! Glad to hear that everything is up and running...I am to be married on April 21, 2011 however since Sandra has left, I have not heard back from a wedding coordinator. I thought that the new wedding coordinator would be using Sandra's email...does anyone have an alternate address for the new coordinator and for anyone wedding in April 2011, have you received your contract yet? Thanks for any feedback! This has been such a helpful forum!! Denise
  5. Have already made arrangements to marry at GSP in April 2011 and now with everything going on, certainly a bit concerned. For those who have cancelled your wedding, did you get your deposit back? And how has this affected deposits for your guests? I guess that depends on the travel agency used... Also, still have yet to hear back from the new wedding coordinator but get that I am sure they are all overwhelmed right now...I understand that GSP is now closed down as well...has anyone heard if they are being sued? And, do we think that they will still be in business?? I know that I am working myself up but have a number of guests as well that are apprehensive about going to GSP
  6. Hello! We are also getting legally married in Mexico...I have been seeking this information and am SO happy to have run across this thread! Just so I am clear...I need a certified spanish translator and then they do what...write an affadivit that it is a marriage licence? I know I am being particular however wanting to make sure that I am doing what I need to...I too have emailed the Mexican Embassy here in Ottawa and have not heard anything back and when I emailed the Registrar of Ontario, they stated that there was nothing that I needed to do (which I know is not right...) Thanks for any feedback!!!! Denise
  7. Has anyone legally married at GSP? If so, what did you need to do before going to Mexico and once you returned to ONtario? Thanks for any info...I have been reading tons of differing opinions!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by dcjackie The wedding requirements vary alot between states in Mexico. There are some that even require a chest xray. Definitely check with the consulate for each state, I'd probably not rely on the WC for the resort you're at. Unless you really, really trust him/her. Really?? AHHH...I too have been wrestling with the idea of legal vs. symbolic however really DO want to legally marry in Mexico...has anyone legally wed at Grand Sunset Princess?? Our w/c is telling us we only need to bring our passports and 4 witnesses...
  9. Hey! I am new to this forum and hoping for some guidance! We are pretty sure we are going to go with GSP...marrying in April 2011 - do you know anything about the legalities with getting married in Mexico? Any suggestions/hints that you would give to a bride to be who is deciding on GSP?? Thanks so much! Denise
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Candice Hello, we are booked at the Grand Riviera Princess (Grand Sunset Princess) which is located in the Mayan Riviera, and our prices where well under $2000.00. you just have to keep looking around! Good luck! We are pretty sure that we are going to wed at GSP...did you do a legal/civil ceremony? If so, what do I need to do here in Canada before going to Mexico to ensure that I am doing what's necessary to legally wed? Many thanks!! This forum is great!!
  11. Hello Everyone! My name is Denise Cummings, from Ontario Canada and I am looking to marry in April 2011. We are right now torn between 2 resorts in Playa del Carmen (we are truly Mexico worshippers!!) 1. Grand Sunset Princess 2. Gran Porto Real We are looking at about 25 guests, ranging from ages 19y - 65y. We LOVE PDC and would like to be as close as possible however do not want our guests to have to go off of the resort due to there being no nightlife. If anyone has had experience with either resorts, I would love to hear your feedback. Also, we are going to have a civil/legal ceremony...WHAT do I need to do before we get there? I am hearing so many different stories... Thanks so much and looking forward to chatting with you!! Denise B2B
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