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  1. Hi! I am also getting married in St. Lucia in October 2012! I am vey excited as it is getting closer to that time. We are using Awesome Carribean Weddings and will be staying at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort for the first half and the Jalousie Plantation for our honeymoon! Have you made any plans yet?
  2. 1. Name: Jessica 2. Where are you from: originally from AL now live in central VA 3. Where are you getting married? maybe Lindquist Beach 4. When are you getting married: not sure yet, 2012 5. who is your WC: I am also leaning toward Island Bliss I hope this thread is still active. I just went through and read it from the beginning in two days! We just decided on St. Thomas after first considering Costa Rica and Aruba. Finally I think we have found a happy medium and great location. We will probably have somewhere around 30 people total and I would ideally like to find a villa with hotel close to it for accomadation that isn't too expensive. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi! Sorry Allisun, we decided to put off the wedding for a while for personal reasons but now we are looking at Fall of 2012. We are not even sure if we will still have the wedding in Costa Rica anymore. We are now looking at St. Lucia as well. Have you found any other information?
  4. Hi! I'm so glad I found this thread! I just fell in love with two beautiful dresses and we are determined to not spend a fortune on our wedding by going into debt, especially with us paying for it by ourselves. I just read most of this whole post in 2 days, lol. So it seems like Gianinar Bridal is the best choice? What about Monica Bridal? I missed all of the posts about this retailer. If you choose this retailer what influenced you decision??
  5. Yeah, the room prices were higher than I expected. I did check out another hotel in Playa Grande. The coordinator seems a lot nicer. He sends me information all of the time! He even sent me some plane ticket price reductions he found online and gave me suggestions for other things that I didn't even ask him for. However, it is kind of isolated but the prices and the hotel seem pretty good. In another thread I started on here someone said they have mosquitos too. I'm still considering them though because everything else seems perfect! O, I guess I should mention the hotel name, lol. It is Hotel Bula Bula in Playa Grande. It seems better for the low key relaxed wedding we want.
  6. Hi! No, I have never been there and am going off of reviews and advice as well. It does seem like a great place. I am just trying to find other hotels nearby for less for some of my guests. That is the only thing that is keeping me from making this hotel my final choice. We don't have a WC yet but we do plan on using one now. At first we thought we could do it without one, lol! How is your planning going?
  7. Ok so yet another hotel that I had tried to contact before got in touch with me finally and they seem really nice and informative. It is Hotel Bula Bula. It seems like it is in a very nice secluded area but not too far from Tamarindo and they have a private beach where I can have the ceremony. Plus accommadations are not as expensive. How is this hotel with weddings? I am supposed to be receiving some pictures from the manager later today of weddings there but it seems like a good place.
  8. Thanks for all of the information. I will be definitely be emailing her once I get the email from Roxanna!
  9. I decided to start a new post since i have (I believe) decided on this hotel. The only thing is that I am looking for other hotels near this one to give my guests more options as to price points for accomadations. I came across the Flamingo Resort and Spa and am wondering if there are any more that are closeby? Also, have any other brides planned a wedding for this location? If so, what vendors are you using and how is the planning going?
  10. Ok so I contacted Roxanna and she is supposed to have been emailing me in 30 minutes after speaking with the hotel manager. This was about 2 hours ago but I hope it just means he is considering lowering the room prices! If not, I saw another couple who had their wedding here but ended up staying at the Flamingo Resort and Spa which they said was only 5 minutes away. If this is the case we would probably offer both hotels to our guests as accomadations. It is a little cheaper at $140 instead of the $170 we are being offered and that is not including any type of group rate with the Flamingo yet. I would consider having our wedding there but I believe it will be too crowded and the more I think about it the more I know the location I want is the Bahia-just wish they had cheaper hotels nearby for some of our "frugal" guests, lol.
  11. Thanks for the response. I will try contacting her today. I actually just received a response back from another location I had forgotten about. It is La Finisterra in Playa Hermosa. I am really trying to narrow it down a little....I think I need to stop looking and go with what I have in mind already but it is so hard with all of these seemingly great locations! We did decide to use a wedding planner so I am going to check with Sylvia because everywhere I look someone is recommending her.
  12. So the only thing about the Bahia del Sol is the room price. I have tried to call to speak to her on two occassions but wasn't able to talk to her. Both times she was actually doing a wedding, lol! I am open to other areas in Tamarindo as this seems to be a great place for everyone. What other hotels are nearby that are good at weddings but not very expensive? I have been doing some research and have come up with a few choices-tamarindo diria- to stay in the same area. I also came across the sanctuary resort and spa and punta leona. These last two seem to good to be true though so I am definitely wary about that. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I was also looking at Costa Verde but I didn't really like the look of the hotel. Thanks
  13. Ask Costa Rica, Thanks for the information! I had originally spoken with Roxana who didn't really seem that willing to negotiate anymore than she had. Some of my guests would not be willing to stay there for that price and I would like to choose a hotel that could cater to all of my guests so that transportation won't be an issue. I will contact her tomorrow and see if I can get a better deal. I also heard that Tulemar Bungalows and Villas would be good as well. Have you done any weddings there? Thanks so much for your help and for offering to check out Monterey del Mar. We haven't decided to use a wedding coordinator but I am beginning to think one would be neccesary.
  14. Thanks for all the warm welcomes! I am so excited to get everything rolling, lol!
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