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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by sasse75 They actually have the first dances fair away from the market....its a fairly large area! Oh thank you! I was beginning to wonder what we were going to do
  2. I cannot remember what post it was. The person had not worked with them, but they were giving a list of photographers they had been in contact with. I found out that my resort will allow outside photographers so I think I am going to go with them. Hopefully we will hear from someone who has used them!!
  3. Just to give you ladies another photographer to add to your list. LOL I am getting married May 2011, and I am pretty sure we have decided on FineArtSudio Mexico. I virtually found no info on BDW about this photog, except for one post (this post is what made me look into them). The prices are listed on the website and include: 8 hours on the wedding day with 2 photog's, 3 hour ttd session the next day, all pictures on cd, and a slideshow with music -- ALL for $2000. The TTD session is $1000 and the wedding day is $1200 if you want to do them seperately. I have been emailing them and they are very very nice, quick to respond at all hours of the day and night. Here is the link to their website: FineArt Studio Wedding Photographers Mexico Destination Boda The only downside is they require 50% deposit, but the remainder isn't due until you have seen a sample of your pictures. We are planning on making our payment early next week; just as soon as I make sure our resort will allow an outside photog (apparently they say they don't, but often make exceptions...fingers crossed). happy planning
  4. Hi everyone!! My fiance and I just finished booking the grand sunset princess!! Our wedding date is May 5, 2011 at 3pm. Our group will be around 30 people, so I think we are just going to choose one of the a la cartes for our wedding dinner. We are trying to figure out what to do for our first dance. I read on here that some brides had their dance near the lobby, but I also read that on thurs the lobby is turned into a market. Our wedding day is a thurs (of course). Does anyone have any suggestions on where we could have our first dance?? I was thinking that maybe we could give our song to the dj at the disco, but I would prefer something just a touch more romantic haha. Any suggestions would be helpful
  5. We dated for 5 years when he popped the question, and when we get married we will have been together for 6 years!!
  6. sorry guys. haha i couldn't find my original post, so i posted this thinking it got lost in translation, and have now found my original post. disregard this new post!! new to this forum
  7. Thanks everyone!! I think we are leaning towards Dreams. It looks like a beautiful resort with everything we are looking for. Hopefully we can get a decent group rate for my guests
  8. ps - we are tring for $1500 pp (taxes in)
  9. Hello everyone!! My name is Victoria and I am newly engaged. We are thinking about having our wedding in Riviera Maya because it is my favorite destination down south :) We are aiming for a May 2011 wedding date. Any suggestions for great resorts with decent room prices? Thanks!!
  10. vicmaehow

    New to BDW!!

    Hello everyone!! My name is Victoria, and I just recently got engaged. I am debating a destination wedding for May 2011. Riviera Maya is my favorite place to vacation, so naturally I want to get married there. I am thinking Dreams Tulum for a resort, but in all honesty, I will get married at another resort if the prices are better and the venue is just as beautiful; however, I can't find a lot of information on wedding packages from many other resorts, besides el dorado resorts. I want to go somewhere that will allow my guests to stay for $1500 pp (taxes in). Hopefully, I can find something. I am going to talk to a TA within the next month or two to see what he or she can come up with Any advice given would be greatly appreciated!!
  11. This is a review of:

    FineArt Studio Photography


    We are extremely happy we chose FineArt Studio!!  We had Fabrizio and Alfredo on our wedding day, and they took loads of pictures.  They were fun yet professional.  We also worked with Fabrizio, Debora, and Diego for a Trash-the-Dress session a few days later and were even more pleased!  Within a week we have already seen a slideshow with several photos, and they are AWESOME!      We really appreciated the fact that they continued to take pictures until they got the right shots!  We would
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