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  1. I am going to be having about 100 guests too so we opted for the private dinner option. We selected 2 appetizers and 2 entrees that our guests will be able to select that night (they don't need to ahead of time). Not sure how big your rehearsal dinner will be but there is a space that is semi-private inside the Italian restaurant that we are going with. I was there in October so it was quite helpful. Let me know if there are other specific questions i can help you with after having been there and having a similar size group. We did already select menus for our cocktail hour, reception and the welcome party we are hosting and all of the options sounded great. They do not have any linen options for groups our size (only white), i am actually buying my own burlap overlays to use.
  2. I completely agree and I don't like it at all. I sent an email with a bunch of follow up questions from my visit, she responded days later with the vaguest answers, I then resent it asking for more clarification, five days later hadn't heard, re-forwarded it to her asking her to confirm receipt, a day later she says yes she got it and well get back to me...uggh!
  3. We are having to pay per person on the welcome party we are having, not quite as much as the cocktail hour since we aren't having passed trays. We are not paying to have a private rehearsal dinner though, and yes we already have it rewarded. When is your wedding?
  4. I will try and get some pictures up for you ladies. Unfortunately there wasn't a wedding while we were there but the spot where the ceremonies are is BEAUTIFUL!! We chose to do mostly calla lilies for our arrangements as they are simple and pretty. We were also able to discuss some custom things we wanted to do with fruit (limes, prickly pears, apples) and they were quite flexible. Because our wedding is so large they didnt have linens for me to choose form other than just white so I am actually bringing some burlap table clothes with me to go over the white ones. I am also bringing a bunch of votive candles with me as i can find them for a very low price in NYC. They have no problem at all setting up anything additional that you may bring down with you. We are having a private reception for the wedding in the breakfast buffet restaurant which is right by the ceremony site. That was one big thing we realized while we were there was just how big the resort is. All of the dinner restaurants are at the front of the resort near the lobby and it is a 10 min walk (maybe a little more) to the beach. We are also having two semi-private events on Thursday and Friday. The space they refer to as the Italian restaurant has this back area which is around a corner from the main dining room. As we have about 40 people for our rehearsal dinner the space is perfect for that and we were able to reserve it from 6-8. Another thing we learned while there is that there are only three a la carte restaurants and they just change nightly what type of cuisine is being served (i.e steak, seafood, mexican, french, italian). Then we are having a welcome party which will be held on the deck outside the dinner restaurants, if you have seen pictures it has lounge furniture and what i would call a moat around it.
  5. I was just down at the resort and met both of Nadia's replacements and I am quite sad that Nadia will no longer me in charge. My wedding is over 100 people and i'm just not sure the new girls are ready to handle it. I didnt take a ton of pictures but if anyone has any questions or is looking for a particular image let me know....
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by iluckie maybe this pictures may help on your selection, the weddings were done in BBGE Kris&Roman Photo Gallery by Ivan Luckie at pbase.com Victoria & Anton Photo Gallery by Ivan Luckie at pbase.com CHeers! Your pictures look great, I loved all the shots of the ceremony it gave me such a better idea on what it will look like.... how many guests did you have?
  7. I too am thinking of Fine Art Studio too, so if you hear of anything please let me know thanks!
  8. I love your pictures, you looked beautiful! Can i ask you a bunch of questions? - was that the standard ceremony set up or did you request/pay for anything extra? - your hair looked great, was it done by someone from the resort? - were the bouquets standard? - was the cocktail hour at their VIP bar? - was the reception the steakhouse? it looked like there were buffet stations? - were the tabletops standard? the petals, flowers etc. or were each a separate fee? - what i know you said your ceremony was at 3, what time was your cocktail hour? what time did you end your ceremony. - so you did your own music for the reception? no dj? - what about music for the ceremony, how did that work? I am so looking forward to your responses!
  9. congrats! i too am starting to plan my wedding there
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