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  1. I am not sure. looks like my guests might stay at another place now but not sure. i thought this would be a better experience than it is turning out to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The room situation at dreams is a nightmare!!!!!!!! Our guests are looking for rooms from the 3 rd to the 7th. our wedding is the 4th!!!! Most want to stay the weekend but everything is booked!!! I have changed jobs and dealing with crazy life stuff and thought my wedding travel plans were all taken care of by my ta. just found out she has not been helpful to my guests. now we dont even know if my fi mom will have a room. Anyone can help please please let me know!!!!!!!
  3. Jess Thanks I love there creativity and will e-mail this weekend. Working on save the dates now! i feel so behind. thanks for your help! your wedding was amazing! crystal
  4. hey girls can anyone give me a price range for DD services!! Jess i loved your wedding pics and my colors are grey, yellow and orange! Just wanted to know more price info if anyone can share!!!! Thanks so much girls! I am so excited Crystal
  5. Getting married November 4th!!!!! so much to do but so excited that i have a date booked!!! crystal
  6. Hi Crystal Congrats- I am getting married in PV Dreams on nov 4th!!!!!!! I am interested in photography too. I am talking with my coordinator today if i find out anything i will let you know! Crystal v
  7. congrats!!! this forum is wonderful!!!! glad you are here!!! happy planning
  8. thanks for the support!! I am looking into all the Dreams resorts. They are wonderful! thanks for the suggestion I feel better already!!
  9. Wow!!! All of you are so ontop of everything! I am getting married in Nov in mexico -somewhere and still havent picked a resort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yikes!!! I might not be getting married in nov at this rate!!!! Any suggestions on resorts and ways you are checking things off your lists? I feel like i am going in circles!!! help crystal
  10. oops! can you tell i am a newbie might help to say who i am!!!! Crystal and my FI is Mike
  11. Hi everyone! We are in the early, early, early, stages of our wedding planning! We know we want to go to MEXICO sometime in November. Hope to get some guidance from some of you!!!
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