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  1. It is hard for older people to travel because they are intimidated with the huge airports. Also they are not as mobile and independent. This results in stress for them and kind of dangerous if they do not have someone to take care of them. This results in stress and extra work for them and sometimes for their families. I suggest you to try to build up his confidence. Find a way to facilitate their travel. Â We had the same issue with my husband's grandmother. She is 93 years old, so we did not expect her to go. She also said she could not wear shorts or so to enjoy the nice beach and wheater. So she stayed home and then we celebrated with her and others who couldn't make it back home.
  2. Hey Gonzalo, Â You are right! I took the picture in Argentina five years ago in el Calafate. I love that place! wow you move from there to rivera maya! it looks you like great places. I had visited both but I prefer el Calafate. Â Â
  3.  Hey, I found this great post in flytomywedding.com blog. They have great info! check it out  This is one of the most challenging aspects about releasing the news of your destination wedding. Some guests are just not travelers, may not have the budget or may have different vacation plans for the year of your wedding. How do you reveal the news to your guests? How do you tell them about the money and time investment they need to make if they want to join you in your wedding? well, its simple. You personally call the people in your guest list. You can start with the people that matter the most to you, see their reactions and then call whoever else is left in your list. If you don't have the time. You can also send a nice e-mail with a save the date and some of your destination wedding details.  Keep in mind that It's key to mention, when you deliver the big news, the main reasons for celebrating your wedding in your selected location as well as to provide an estimate of the investment. After the news has been released it is smart to continue the communication either on the phone or via e-mail. The key is to create as much anticipation as you can to help the guest in doubt reach a decision.  Below are some key things you should do to alleviate the guest gripe and have more guest joining you. 1. Select a destination that has good prices and stay away from expensive all-inclusive resorts  2. Select a city that offers more than majestic resorts and blue waters. Look for things like history, ecological parks, nightlife and dinning experiences. This may increase the number of people attending your event since they may decide to turn your weekend getaway into a full week vacation.  3. Organize before and after wedding activities and provide as much as possible detail of all the tourist attractions in the area. This will create anticipation and will make them feel you are taking care of them. If your budget allows it, it would be nice if you cover some of the costs of these activities. It is a way to thank them and honor their presence.  When you do proper planning and create the right experience that appeals to the majority of your guests then no one will remember the money investment or the hours sitting in an airplane but the awesome experience they just had!  What are your guests gripes?
  4. Congrats, you will have so much fun planning.. It is a bit overwhelming but you will get there..let me know if you want to brainstorm about places..
  5. Yes, its true. I got legally married in the kitchen table at home with no exchange of vows or anything. It was just the legal stuff. It was very funny because it was friday night when we decided to sign the marriage certificate on the next day. We knew we needed to do it before the destination wedding so we just picked a random time and day..We were alone with the pastor and two friends that wanted to be there. We did not tell anyone because we decided to sign the paper work at the last minute. Believe it or not was very special and romantic. We had some wine and stayed in a hotel 10 blocks from where we lived. Even though, I was legally married I did not feel married until the day of my wedding or as I call it the spiritual ceremony and reception with family and friends. It was even funnier that 1 year later we both forgot our legal anniversary day because we had decided to keep our wedding date the day we exchange vows and rings with family and friends. Then, after my wedding destination I felt married and totally in love...
  6. Hi,  I got married in the US before my destination wedding. I also know personally some other brides who have done the same. If you want to make things easy for you and fiance this is the way to go. You save time and money in paperwork that is not necessaryly. If you decide to get legally married in Mexico most probably you will need to validate or register the mexican documentation in your country of origin anyways. Check with your local courthouse so you can decide what is best for you!  Here is a section of my book "fly to my wedding" about legalizing your marriage. I hope it gives you some insights..   Making It Legal  Please keep in mind this is not professional or legal advice, but is only for purposes of information and illustration. It is recommended to contact an attorney or your local courthouse for legal information.  Getting legally married is a quick and simple process. The truth is that it takes minutes to legally get married. Here is descriptive way to understand the steps.  Step 1: Go with your future husband to the local courthouse in your place of residence and fill out the marriage license. Some simple proof of identity and age needs to be provided. Please check with your local courthouse about the requirements, since they differ per state and country. This usually cost less than $100 in the United States.  Step 2: Then, you are given a marriage certificate. This is the document you will give to your officiant or person authorized by the U.S. law to marry you. Then the officiant, you and your fiancé sign it. This document is valid anywhere between 60 to 90 days, depending on your place of residence. If no one sends the signed certificate to the courthouse or registrar’s office during the timeframe, then your marriage is not registered and you may appear like not married. In this case, you need to start the process all over again.  Step 3: Take the signed marriage certificate to the courthouse and register it. That’s it...it’s done and you are legally married.  Note: In some locales, once a marriage license is signed and filed with the county clerk, the license becomes the marriage certificate. In other cases you need to wait several weeks to get the marriage certificate by mail.   When you marry overseas, you don’t have to sweat it about learning and complying with the destination country legal requirements. You can have the event in the destination of choice but don’t have to comply with the local laws. In any case, even if you do everything to have a recognized marriage in both your destination and origin country, the truth is that the U.S. won’t recognize your marriage as legal until you register yourself and fiancée and an accepted marriage certificate in your state of residence. Here comes the best advice you can get:  Get legally married at home either few days before you leave or after you return from your destination wedding. This way you save time, money (local fees) and avoid additional work with the local requirements.  Many couples decide on taking this approach because it is easy and simple. For the couples that decide to fly the officiant to the destination, you can bring your U.S. marriage certificate, so you sign it the day of your wedding. Keep in mind that the officiant needs to be authorized by the U.S. or your country’s law to marry you. Then, once you are back to your place of residence, do Step 3. Take it to the courthouse.  The Truth About Legalizing Your Marriage In The Destination Country  First thing you need to realize is that the legal requirements differ on a country-by-country basis. Some countries are pretty straightforward and easy; some others are more complex. Once you have decided on a country, the best sources to find information from are:  The hotel that will be holding your event The destination country’s Consulate in your country of residency. The destination country’s tourist office  These organizations should be able to explain the process and provide the latest requirements.  Here is a list of some considerations you need to keep in mind when you decide on having a legal marriage in your destination country. This is a general list from different sources. Some countries are easier than others.  Copies and translations of birth certificates, certificates of divorce and any other document required by the local officials Medical certificate with testing in V.D.R.L., (Syphilis), H.I.V (Aids) and RH (Blood Type). This certificate needs to done locally. Medical exams performed by local doctors such as: chest X-rays, blood work Period of residence requirement in the destination country Fee for the local marriage certificate Fee to pay for medical exams, paper work and officiant  TIP: The hotel you selected should be able to provide specific information about the legalities of their country.
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    Hi, Â wow it looks you have many options. Very cool and affordable places are Cartagena in colombia, Antigua in Guatemala, Punta Cana in dominican republic and Puerto Rico in the US. My wedding was in Cartagena..It was great. I am the author of a destination wedding planning book and I am an active blogger. If you want to learn more send me an e-mail at carolina@flytomywedding.com
  8. Congrats..I hope you have a great wedding planning. Best advice is to enjoy it every minute of it, even if you feel overwhelmed at times.
  9. Congrats!! Do you have any planning questions in specific?
  10. I hear you. I was afraid too. Do not worry. At the end everything will workout. There are things we cannot control such as sickness or a personal problem. Be positive and do not think about those events. One of the things you need to make sure is that they have the budget for the trip. If they do not have the budget you can find ways to help them out such as using miles to pay at least for their airplane ticket or finding inexpensive hotels for them to stay. Â In my case, I flew the nanny because I wanted to have my nieces with me and give peace of mind to my sisters, so they could party with me until the sunrise ;-)
  11. Cancun resorts are more expensive and crowed depending on the tourist season. What I like about Cancun is checking the Mayan ruins and the ecological-parks. Â Punta Cana, prices are more attractive. However, the historic town with beautiful architecture is 3 hours away.. Â Both places offer great beaches and resorts..It comes down to the kind of experience you want to give to your guests and your budget. answer this question to yourself. If you are invited to a destination wedding and as a guest you would like to turn the weekend wedding into a great vacation, what kind of activities you would be the most interested? Â Keep in mind that some people love just seating at the pool reading a magazine or having drinks all day long. Others, are more into exploring the area or having both adventure and beach time.. Â I recommend you to look also into Puerto Vallarta in Mexico or Puerto Rico in USA...
  12.  Hey Brides -  After 8 months of writing...I’m getting closer to launching my book on planning a destination wedding and am seeking feedback from 10 brides who are just getting started with planning their wedding.  I know there’s a lot of fear about planning from a distance and trying to negotiate in another language. I was in your shoes not too long ago…  I went through this process when I was planning my wedding abroad but it was easier because I grew up in Latin America, learned the language and understand the business culture. So I was able to negotiate great rates and plan a fun and affordable wedding getaway in the tropics. I love destination weddings because you’re able to have a wedding that’s “over the top†for a fraction of the price it costs here in the U.S.  In exchange for taking the time to read my book and providing me with some general feedback (including a testimonial if you like it!), I’m willing to help you for free with the most important stages of destination wedding planning such as deciding on the destination, the budget, the guest list, the date and negotiating a deal with your venue.  Let me know if you’re interested in receiving a free preview copy of my destination wedding planning book and optionally, if you want some free help in exchange!  Please send me a private e-mail at Carolina[at]FlyToMyWedding.com no later than 9/15/10.  Also, I’m trying to compile a list of fears that brides have about planning a destination wedding. Please reply below and let me know what your #1 fear is about planning a destination wedding? Thank you so much  Cheers,  Carolina Cruz
  13. HI, I know it is exciting and overwhelming. The best thing to do is to write down what you want for your wedding and the kind of activities you want to have. A beach island will give you just that a beach to walk around and relax. However, there are many places that offers everything, history, touristic attractions, variety of music and food. I personally prefer places that offers a variety of touristic activities during the day and at night. It is always have options so your guest do not get bored. Remember people are taking time off and spending money to travel to your wedding location. So give them the chance to turn this trip into a mini vacation. Let me know if you want more information about making decisions. I had helped some of my friends with their initial planning and selections. I have great tips and tools I can share with you or anyone interested in learning about it..
  14. I loved it..it looks you were in a terrific place. I went to a wedding in playa del carmen but It looks PV is 100% a lot better!! the scenery is more tropical looking..I am just curious how much was per room?
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