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  1. Can you post more photos of you in your dress? I saw this dress last week and was wondering about taking some of the satin out of the back area, too.
  2. I am looking for this Marisa lace dress # 754 in ivory. Is yours ivory-- and if so is it still for sale?
  3. Ha ! Nope-- I converted for you. The manager actually quoted me 38,000 pesos for 1 hour 45 minutes.
  4. I was able to contact their manager. He said their rate for 2 hours is about $3,800. Hope this helps
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by LRO Great duet!! this is exactly what I want for my ceremony I will get in touch with them to see their prices!! Thank you! Did you ever get information from these musicians? I'm interested, too !
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by butterfly4kathy2 Thanks for the link! I emailed them (I think lol) How much did they quote you? Did you ever get any information on the musicians, ARCANO ? I'm interested to find out something, also.
  7. Beautiful wedding captured with beautiful photos--- Your attention to details is phenomenal. Did a planner in Mexico help with all this or did you do it all yourself?
  8. Has anyone out there used Elizabeth Medina, the photographer? Please give your opinion of her work.
  9. Does anyone know if the all-inclusive resorts will set aside a room or patio space so that a "welcome dinner" or "rehearsal dinner" could be held there the night before wedding day? Do most couples hold their dinner outside of the resort?
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