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  1. I contacted the Waves Salon their prices seemed pretty good and include a trial. They asked for a %50 deposit which I wasn't exactly comfortable with cause I've never seen any reviews of them. I just wish I knew more about the PP Spa and how well they do. Especially make up.
  2. Could everyone tell me there plan for hair and make up? Are most of you doing it at the PP Spa or elsewhere? Anyone know of a spa menu for these things or what type of makeup they use...Thanks
  3. Does anyone have info on the quality of the salon? Are most of you planning to use it or go elsewhere? I'm also curious as to what type of makeup they use too. I've contacted waves salon as a consideration too but can't find any reviews on them.
  4. Thanks for the reassurance. I know it will be great!!! Did you have any trouble booking the tours when you got there?
  5. Still waiting for some responses if anyone has been to Waves Salon?????
  6. Where is everyone planning to get their hair and make-up done? Most recommendations are for people who come to the hotel. Anyone know what type of make-up the spa uses?
  7. There are more terrible reviews on trip advisor. I know everyones opinion is different but they are bumped down to #25. Just scares me with so much money invested into the trip.
  8. We have booked at Playacar Palace for Jan 2011. I too was affraid it was too dark, but I am trusting it will be fine. FYI- We are using an outside photographer but was told we need to reserve them a room. We are only having 4 guests. Good Luck I think we've made a great decision.
  9. I've read somewhere that if the vendor owns their own company you do not need to tip them...Anyone heard of this?? For example if the photographer is the owner don't tip...but if they are an employee do.
  10. We just booked our Wedding for Jan and I just read all the reviews from TA and now I'm nervous too. I wonder if its because of the merger with Wyndam. Everything has been so positive until now. I don't know what to make of it.
  11. Has anyone booked for 2011 yet? We are planning Jan 2011 and I would like to book through the wedding through the website and probally the room through expedia, nothing is being offered for 2011 yet. They sent me an application I could fax for the wedding but I just want them to open it online.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by JuliaR Does anyone know if PP will allow you to bring in an outside photographer? I read on their site this is not allowed, however curious to know if it can be done for a fee or whatever? When I asked about an outside photographer they told me it wasn't allowed until I told them I wouldn't book unless I could have one. I was told the photographer would need to stay a night at the hotel to attend the wedding. But I am having limited guests, I suppose they can get the pass if they are in your 20% off site guests.
  13. So it looks like Playacar Palace is now part of the Wyndam resorts as well. Has anyone heard about any changes or what this does to wedding packages ect? Its making me nervous. Any info would be appreciated I can't find much. BTW- On the Palace Resorts website with the list of all resorts is where they show the name change. There is no info under recent news.
  14. Tanya Marie- Glad it will all work out for you! What time is everyone planning to Marry vs sunset time? I wanted to do a 4:00 ceremony (jan 2011) sun sets at 5:30. Does that mean it will be dark at 5:30? We wanted to do a TTD shoot after the ceremony. Now I don't know what to do!!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by NaM We scheduled a private cocktail for the night before the wedding, a cocktail hour after the wedding and a private reception. And I think my parents scheduled something for another night-just a meet n greet kinda thing. ALL FREE We have 50 people coming. We were borderline on the 75 room night thing so my TA split some rooms (where there were 3 people there are now 2) to make sure we reached the mark. I honestly haven't kept track because my parents are footing most of the bill but if I had to guess I would say maybe $10k including Del Sol for photography, music, lights, projection system & screen, make up, centerpieces and upgraded decor like colored napkins/linens. Do you have Del Sol staying overnight or were you able to purchase a guest pass? It seems there policy is very inconsistant.