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  1. If my bridesmaid want to get there hair and make-up done do i need to book there appointments before I get down to the Bahamas??
  2. beachbride3610

    Hello Brides..

    Quote: Originally Posted by meseh Congrads!!! I am also thinking about sandals as well. If you dont mind me asking did you pick any packages and what information have you obtained. How many guests will you be having? Hello bride, we will be having about 50 people maybe a little more!! Were gonna do a reception with DJ. When are you getting married and which sandals were you thinking??
  3. Hello and congrats to all 2010 brides!! Im getting married March 6, 2010 in Bahamas. Im still trying to get used to the website! Love all the info thats on here!! Quick question....how do you all get those count downs on your profile or all the nice pictureson?
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    Hello Brides..

    Thanks...Im still getting used to the website..
  5. beachbride3610

    Hello Brides..

    Im new to this website. I have found so much helpful infomation already!! I live in NY and getting married March 6,2010 at Sandals Bahamas!!