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  1. Hey Ladies - Just got back from Playa and we had an absolutely amazing time. Yamina is the absolute best and you have NOTHING to worry about. She is a professional in every respect and she loves what she does so no need to stress about anything. We had over 80 guests and although we held most activities at the EPM we had our wedding ceremony and reception at the Villa next door. I'll try to write a review soon. In the meantime, all the best with your planning!
  2. So grateful for this thread! I am a week away from our wedding and we haven't gotten to this yet. Thanks so much ladies, your scripts are very inspiring.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by ncarolinadaisy Holy cow!! 98 people!! I WANT FULL DETAILS! Have the time of your life! Yes 98 from as far as Australia and Abu Dhabi. I've been stressed out and panicking like mad. Only just sorted our rings today. Geez! We rented out the the villa next to the EPM for the ceremony and reception, but the welcome dinner and other activities will be a the EPM. We were there for Xmas and met with Yamina, she's so fab and so is the resort. Didn't want to leave! I will be meeting her early next week to sort out details, details. I'll provide a full run down when I get back. Days to go. Yikes!
  4. 15 more days till the big day and 10 more days before arriving at EPM. Got lots to do but finally getting excited. We've got 98 guests coming. Eeeeks!
  5. Jess - Thanks so much. I have been in touch with Yamina over the months as we were negotiating and finalizing the bigger ticket items with her. Actually just got an email with her today so we'll start sending her photos and ideas and finalize when we get there. You're wedding date is coming up fast. Good luck!
  6. Ladies - FI and I took the plunge and ordered his and the GM suites from studiosuits. We got them back within 4 weeks but half the suits don't fit according to the meansurements including my FI and I made sure we had a professional tailor measure him. The pants and sleeves come up short and the pants are baggy in the butt and thigh. I submitted a complaint to them to see what they can do but we have about 7 weeks left now so we are working on a plan B. I'm really, really disappointed cos we spent so much money and most other people had rave reviews. We purchased 8 suits from them. Grrrrr!!!!! Any ideas on what stores are carrying linen suits this year?
  7. THope thanks for sharing! Ladies how close to the wedding did you really start working on details with Yamina? Did you get everything sorted out once you arrived or did you start sending her photos? We're have a pretty large wedding (100 guests) so I'm starting to think it's about time I get things rolling.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by thope Hey Ladies, Lee and I are back from the most wonderful experience of our lives!!! I'll post more later....but rest assured everything will be perfect even if it rains..as it did on our wedding day!!! Juan has posted photos of almost our entire event on his blog.. Juan Navarros Blog Blog Oh wow THope. Love your photos. Absolutely love you dress! I can't wait...61 more days to go. Yamina still looks as cute as ever.
  9. THope keeping my fingers crossed for you. It's going to be an amazing time. Seems like you've got it all under control.
  10. Trying to sort out my list now actually. I have 100 to do as we're having a pretty large wedding. Trying to control my excitement about all that could go in them.
  11. Thanks ladies! This is really helpful. Granted I can get this stuff in the US before leaving by already have more than enough lug down to Mexico. We are having 120 guests join us so we need quite a bit of stuff to fill our OOT bags.
  12. I've seen Costco in Cancun mentioned in various threads but couldn't find a thread dedicated to it. Does anyone know what the Costco in Cancun stocks? I have a lot of OOT bags to make and would really rather purchase the heavy stuff (e.g. snacks) when we get down there versus hauling it all the way. Any feedback would be great.
  13. Ladies what's your plan for hair and makeup at the resort? Are you using the resort spa? Any recommendations. This is just one of the many things I've just thought about.
  14. I read this thread and wonder if I should a. panic or b. cry! LOL! I have a laundry list of stuff to do. I'm currently overseas and get back Stateside sometime in early July. I'm doing so much stuff online, over email and through friends. Ugh! That said we have a huge guest list, over 230 and we are expecting about 150 to show. That said it's annoying that guests are so last minute about booking their hotel rooms. We have about 30 booked right now. I keep pinging people to see what they're thinking and they all say oh we are for sure coming. If only they would at least RSVP!!!! Granted a significant number of our guests are coming from overseas as well, I just wish they'd book already! I want to order fans and favours and OOT bags and have no clue how many I should buy. Sure don't want to waste money buying too many. Geez. I think I'm going to pick a number and go with it. Anyone who doesn't get an OOT bag for waiting last minute - oh well!
  15. Now that you have asked the question I had to check and I'm going to be making a total of 100!!! Yes that is a large number but we are somehow having a large destination wedding. So couples will get one bag with enough stuff for two people to share and singles will get one each. I'm actually considering gable boxes suggested by a few other brides on another forum versus bags. I'm excited to make them but have to figure out what's going in them cos it'll start to add up in cost and in weight.
  16. S_Katrese you must be in Playa Mujeres right now. Wishing you all the best! Looking forward to your update once you get back.
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by Julie H Hello, So we got are linen suit from Studiosuits a little over a week after we ordered it and loved it. BUT....The armholes are way to small and the biceps are skintight. They call the arms their standard size and I should've included the bicepts size in the comment section. How would I know that? They ask for many sizes when you order but not that one. MY arms hardly fit in it! So be careful! I've been sending emails back and forth with not to much help. With a month and a day left I'm feeling a little crazy! Julie H thanks for letting us know. I just ordered six suites from them like 10 minutes ago. I'm going to email them now about the armpits/arms/biceps. They do ask for loads of measurements and I thought it would be one of them.
  18. Hey ladies. I'm placing an order for FI suite as well as 5 groomsmen today. I'm travelling so wouldn't be able to get samples so I'm jumping in the deep end based on all your feedback and reviews. Getting the linen blend for sure. It will be one more thing off our 'to do' list. BM dresses are also being custom made by a designer friend of ours so we will be done with wedding attire. Thanks so much for sharing. This is a great site.
  19. Has anyone used SendUsOff.com Honeymoon Registry We are going on an 'off the beaten track' honeymoon so we're looking for some flexibility. They charge a 7.5% fee on gifts received (so no additional charges to guests).
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by thope Hey Ladies, Has anyone used an outside vendor for design/coordination? I found a company called Dazzling Details but they are only in Los Cabos and after searching this forum (and many websites in Spanish:)) I cant seem to find anyone similar to them. The resort is great but I would like to be able to add some unique things...linens, chairs, shell name cards etc. Any suggestions? I'm getting so close to my date and afraid I'm going to have to go with the resort options only.. Thanks....nervous bride to be... THope definitely ask Yamina as well. She can also recommend outside vendors (even though they may be partners of the resort), because at the end of the day it may be easier for those vendors to work with the resort, given their connections, versus those that are not connected to the resort.
  21. Hello Ladies! I've been off this forum for a bit but really need to get myself back in gear. Time does fly!!!! I'm trying to sort out my 'to do' list for all the things we have to do for the wedding. S_Katrese I'm sure you have done more than you think. And as for the whole Mexico thing I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that your guests stick with it.
  22. I am leaning towards a weave since my friends told me they'd hate to see me in my standard braids on wedding day. So this will be the one time that I will purchase some really high quality hair - no expenses barred so I can go (and enjoy) swimming before and after the wedding and still look great. I have had weaves in before and gone swimming in them and they were ok. You just have to brush and braid it before you go swimming and wash it out immediately after. Now I just need to make sure I can get it styled the way I want for the big day.
  23. Yes please I'm also looking for DJ recommendations. Any info would be much appreciated.
  24. Traci, I chose Sascha Gluck for our wedding. I've actually met him as he shot my sister's wedding in Isla Mujueres last summer. He's great and I like his personality. I am also a pro photographer so I was really particular about choosing a photographer for my own wedding.
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