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  1. So actually I do want to change the title to size 8 but I am not sure how. Help! :-) allison
  2. Just bumping this thread. The dress is still available! Its really gorgeous. allison
  3. ally&ben2010

    Dancing with Dad!

    Oh my god, or "Little Miss Magic" by Jimmy Buffett. I know my dad likes that song a lot too. So tough!
  4. ally&ben2010

    Dancing with Dad!

    I'm really thinking about the song "God Only Knows" by the beach boys. I love it but I'm still contemplating. allison
  5. Ok, I'm sorry the dress is actually a size 8. allison
  6. Please see the above post from Bali. This shows what the dress looks like on me. I am having trouble posting pics. I do have the pic of the model wearing it as well. My email is astroud83@comcast.net. Please email me if you would like that picture and some more details. Thanks!!
  7. I have decided to sell my wedding dress and go with more of a simple evening gown. I do LOVE the dress but can't justify keeping it, as our wedding is going to be very low key. However, it is gorgeous and will make some bride very happy. It was over a $1000 when we bought it and I'm selling it for $500 obo. I can provide pictures if interested. It has NOT been altered and is a size 10. Very light and flowy!! Email me if interested. Allison Stroud
  8. ally&ben2010

    June Brides + Weather

    Oh yes, I'm curious about this one too. I'm getting married June 14th. I am having a sunset wedding so hopefully it will be a little cooler by that time. allison
  9. ally&ben2010

    After Wedding Sale

    Your reception dress is HAUTTTTE!!!!! I wish it was my size. I think you should keep it though b/c you totally rocked it. allison
  10. ally&ben2010

    6 pm ceremony

    I am having mine at 6:00pm as well so as to catch the sunset for pictures. We are having orerves(sp?) and cocktails for the guests while we take more wedding party pictures. Then we are all heading back to the RIU Santa Fe for the dinner and reception. I think people will plan their day around whatever you want and it will make for some awesome photo opportunities. The guests have plenty of other days to eat when they want to eat! :-) I think people tend to let loose a little more during evening receptions anyway. allison
  11. ally&ben2010

    Riu Santa Fe Brides, Post Here!

    Can't wait to see your review and the final product Carly!
  12. ally&ben2010

    Symbolic Ceremony?

    We are having the legal wedding here in Baltimore before going to Cabo. We just don't plan on telling people about it. Something to consider for those of you getting married before is to make sure your name on both your ID and your passport match. I would NOT change your name until after Mexico. Allison
  13. ally&ben2010

    Outside photographers in Cabo!

    Yeah, our hotel is fine with our photographer. she is staying as a guest at the hotel for four nights and is also considered a guest at our wedding. I was concerned about the VISA thing. It seems like it should be ok though since technically she is a guest. allison
  14. ally&ben2010

    Riu Santa Fe Brides, Post Here!

    Carly, You are a month away from your wedding!?!!! that is so exciting! Are you all ready? I can't wait to see pics.
  15. ally&ben2010

    Riu Santa Fe Brides, Post Here!

    Cails, I may be completely wrong on this but I believe that they serve more variety than that. I think they just serve one type of beer during the off season. I can't remember where I heard this but I think that I read it somewhere. I know that isn't very helpful and I would be curious myself as to the correct answer. I hope they have more! My guests are somewhat picky drinkers too. :-) allison