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  1. I walked down to that song and it was wonderful!.. we were right by the beach at sunset and the sound system was great... the song and instruments all went together... Great choice
  2. Hey ladies if anyone is interested in booking for PPC before November 14th, I have a credit of $1025 that I'm selling for $700 that is good towards any room for x amount of people and x amount of days. I got married last year and had a family member cancel at the last minute.. since the romance dept. doesn't give refunds.. they were kind enough to transfer the credit to the next guest (which they regularly don't do) Inbox me for more details, serious inquiries only.
  3. I'll make sure to post pics of her work once I see her in two weeks... yikes!
  4. Hey beautiful Lady seems like it took forever to get here, but we did it!! once it's over we're going to laugh at everything we went through.... but how much did we accomplish?? TONS!! pat yourself on the back my friend... you've handled things great, now the time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor are around the corner. Warm weather, sunny days, breezy nights, blue water, white sands, beautiful palm trees, enjoy every second of it, I'll be thinking of you xoxo
  5. I don't know if this helps but, these are the options for the Buffet: I chose the Carribean Menu since I felt it had a lil bit of everything and I'm not big on Seafood upgraded buffet options chill out buffet Bread & Butter Salad Lettuce / Tomato / Cucumber Carrots / Green peppers Sauces Parsley garnishing Lime Vinaigrette / Mustard Vinaigrette Entree Mussels in Vinaigrette / Salmón a la Bella Vista Main Courses Rice with Vegetables in Brunoise Golden Potatoes Sautéed Vegetables a La Provenzal Lobster Ring with Saffron Sauce Tiny Ox Tournedos in Mushroom Sauce Shrimp Brochettes in Orange Sauce Fresh Sea Bass Centre with Sliced Garlic Sauce Fruits & Desserts Tropical Fruit Station & Dessert Station CARIBBEAN MENU Bread & Butter Salad Lettuce / Tomato/ Cucumber/Carrots/Green peppers/Onions Sauces Pink Sauce / Vinaigrette/Cilantro Dressing Entree Seafood salad /Mozzarella with Tomatoes Hot Whole Baby Pork (Trinche) / Whole Beef Medallions Flambeau Grille Fresh water shrimps, oven-finished/ Grilled Breast of Chicken Garnishing Baked Potatoes/ Boiled corn on the cob, Rice with Vegetables Fruits & Desserts Seasonal Fruit Station/ Hotel’s Dessert Station UNDER THE SEA MENU Bread & Butter Salad Lettuce / Tomato / Cucumber/Carrots / Green peppers sauces Yogurt Sauce/ Mustard Sauce/Vinaigrette Entree Prawn Salad/ Seafood Salmagundi Hot Fresh Sea Bass/Lobster Fresh Dorado/Chicken Supreme Garnishing Seafood Paella/Breaded Potatoes Mixed Vegetables Sautéed with garlic Fruits & Desserts Seasonal Fruit Station/ Hotel’s Dessert Station
  6. LOL @ Holly, my friend just watched the episode yesterday and she said the resort is gorgeous as well, I'm going to have to find it and see if it compares with our PPC
  7. Lauren is not an actual wedding planner, but the person in charge of getting the reservations in order and answering questions when it comes to booking, she's the liason between the US and the actual Resorts abroad. Very true - she is not personable at all! she gives yes and no answers, very dry. Theresa I'm assuming helps out the brides from Canada, but you can actually reach out to the romance department at Paradisus, they're great!, it make take some time to get back to you at times but they have been a pleasure working with, Jennifer and Miguelina are in charge at the moment, and answer all pricing questions, menu, decorations, entertainment etc, they will send you numerous attachments and links to their pictures. I would reach out to them better, hope this helps. RW- Romance & Weddings - Jennifer Alvarez / Paradisus Punta Cana [email protected]
  8. The club is called the "Red Lounge" it's actually the Restaurant "Fuego" in the day time, very nice!! and it has like 6 cabanas inside making it very exclusive and posh, the dance floor is circular and fits like 30 people, it's very decent. not everyone goes, good spot for you and your guests, that's where we're going to end up after our reception is over.
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