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  1. EXCALIBUR I've ALWAYS stayed here, since I was a kid. And I never really had any problems. The last time I went however, was disgusting. There was hair in my bed! The towels also all had a black mark on them. I'd call for a new towels and it would all be the same! I never stayed there again. Monte Carlo I was never a fan of the Monte Carlo resort since there's really nothing there... but they had a promo last summer (you saved a BUNCH of money AND it was in a suite) so me and my boyfriend stayed there for his birthday. The suite was HUGE. I mean... HUGE. It had two bathrooms! The bed was comfy and everything was nice and clean. I'll be staying at Ceasers Palace this year for my wedding (yay, dream come true lol) so I'll edit this later with details on that!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by taimeaka16 I recently got married at Caesars almost a month ago and its was fantastic. We didn't really go all out just about 15 of us total but, it was still a great experience. Our wedding coordinator was Brook she was Very helpful throughout the whole process. The chapels are beautiful and our photographer was also cool. We paid an extra 150 for 30 min. for photography so make sure you get your pennys worth. We had dinner later at the forum shops very beautiful. It was our first time to Vegas so didn't anticipate how much walking everyone had to do so be sure to throw in a couple naps if possible..lol. We had an amazing and memorable day and can't wait to go back!!! (We applied online for the marriage license and went to the office around 8 PM the night we arrived and luckily there was only one other couple so we out within 5 min. so saved a lot of time.) That's wonderful to hear! I think I spoke with Brooke the first time I called. I havent decided if I'm going to buy extra time, but I wont have a photographer for the reception! I dont know if I really need one though since it'll be just a simple buffet dinner. I ADORE the forum shop! Did you go to Serendipity? And yes LV requires a lot of walking! I think that's the most exciting part there's so much to see! I think I'll apply online! I'll be there the day before but I'd hate to wait for hours just to apply lol.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by autjo My fave DW was some friends that got married at Caesars. Not sure about all the details, but it was beautiful and everyone still talks about it 3 years later. We did the legal stuff in Vegas a couple of weeks ago. Make sure to apply online for the marriage cert. It saved us about a 2 hour wait in line. Marriage Licenses Ooh thanks for the heads up! I will definitely check out that link! Good to hear that the CP weddings went well. I'm feeling less nervous about it now hehe.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by canadianheather I got married at Caesar's Palace 6 weeks ago and my experience was amazing!!! Our wedding co-ordinator ALWAYS answered my emails and questions within 24 hrs and she was so friendly and helpful. As for hair and makeup, it was not included in our package....i believe the higher priced ceremony packages may include it but i'm not sure. I spent quite a bit of money for all my bridesmaids, my mother and my mother-in law plus myself to all go to the salon that morning. It was worth every penny! We all looked amazing and the staff was so nice! Plus the place is gorgeous! If your on a tight budget there are cheaper places but the service, convience, and ambiance was worth the cost for me! You will have to go to downtown Vegas to apply for a marriage license. But you would have to do that no matter what venue you choose to go with. They will give a form to give to Caesar's and you simply hand that over to your co-ordinator and she takes care of the rest from there! It was all very easy! goodluck!! Thank you! This was very helpful! I'm excited for my wedding but nervous to see how everything will turn out! Was your bouquet and the floral arrangement in the chapel what you expected it to be?
  5. What was your experience like? Do they include hair and makeup? And do you have to leave the site to sign marriage papers?
  6. I'm looking through Las Vegas buffet's to find out where I want my wedding dinner to be. I originally wanted MGM since its my favorite but as I was browsing, I came across Wynn which looks really good and they serve Gelato! All you can eat Gelato?! That's crazy talk! But I've never dined at the Wynn buffet. The MGM will allow me to come in and decorate the tables one hour prior to my dinner where as the Wynn hasnt given me a solid answer yet, which should I pick? Also for anyones whos had or dined there for a wedding, are their cakes good? I cant have a cake delivered so I'm stuck with the ones made from their bakery.
  7. Aww!! We got engaged under Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland! It happened so fast all I remember was saying "OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING" and people passing by staring lol! I hate when its all a blur cause you cant remember much!
  8. That's so awesome, how did you get a Disney photo shoot? Do you ask the Disney park themselves?
  9. I just had my engagement party and had no idea what to do! I didnt even get a cake haha. But yours looks amazing!
  10. soon2bhismrs


    1. name Marie 2. wedding date I'm hoping for Dec 28th 3. wedding location Las Vegas Hi everyone! My boyfriend's enlisting into the USAF and we're hoping to get married when he comes home for Christmas break, but everyone's telling me that his time home could be cut short so I'm HOPING for Dec 28th. The only thing is, we're planning for a Las Vegas wedding in Ceaser's Palace. I dont know how its going to work out since everyone's saying that its going to be super busy in LV around that time... but I'm gonna hope for the best!
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