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  1. Wow! Your pics are the most beautiful I have seen. You and yor family look amazing but more than anything happy beyond words can say. CONGRATULATIONS!
  2. bhrd83

    I got my letter!!!

  3. bhrd83

    April 2010 Brides

    Hi Ladies! I'm getting married in August of 2010. I'm going to check out two resorts this August: Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana and Dreams Punta Cana. Erin, i saw that's your wedding destination, what made you decide between DPBPC and DPC? I have been debating between these two resorts for some time and decided it would be best to check them out before booking. Anyway. I'm excited for all you ladies that have already decided on a location and sent out your STDs. Hopefully after I get back I can get started. About STDs some resorts ask for an $80 - $90 fee for each guest not staying at the resort. Obviously, I plan to cover that for my guest but I realize it can get expensive if more and more people choose to stay elsewhere. Did anyone address that in their STDs? How about welcome bags? any of you ladies planning on that for your guests? I really like the idea but I hate to travel with lots of stuff. Erin did you talk to your wedding planner about linens ?I've seen some pics of a beach reception with beautiful gold linens. Tell me what you liked about the resort. Diana
  4. Wow.. cool thread; cant wait to hear more
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    Dreams Punta Cana x Dreams Palm Beach

    congratulations! Im a 2010 bride and I am debating between DPBPC and DPC. Im going August 1st to check out the resorts but Taratoons sent me pictures. look up her blogs; she is very helpful. Basically I'm debating because it appears the DPC has more options than DPBPC. But i want a beach ceremony and reception so, I'll see who does the better job.
  6. beautiful pictures and love your dress - congratulations!
  7. Love both the earrings and the dress. I think with the earrings alone it would be fine.
  8. bhrd83

    A Punta Cana Bride-to-be

    Hia Dianne, Im Diana from NJ - also a 2010 PC bride. Congrats!
  9. bhrd83

    Dreams Palm Beach?

    hey there! Im a 2010 punta cana bride seriously looking into Dreams palm beach. Im going there august 1st to check out the resort. I will bring lots of pics to share. Lets stay in touch. this is my e-mail: diananolasco@hotmail.com
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    A Punta Cana Bride-to-be

    Im also a 2010 punta cana bride. Lets stay in touch. Congrats!
  11. bhrd83

    A Punta Cana Bride-to-be

    Hey There! I am also a 2010 bride( June or July ) looking into Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana I' m going to go check out the resort in August. lets stay in touch. I dont have a clue about planning a destination wedding. maybe we can help eachother out
  12. Hello Everyone! I am new here and I am really cite about my wedding next year. I would appreciate any info on Dreams Plam Beach Punta Cana. I'm going to check out the resort August 1st, 2009. I will report back and bring pics