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  1. great story i love fun engagements! best of luck o both of you!
  2. yikes! I'm surprised at the choice, even though it's hot on the beach there is plenty of destination appropriate attire for weddings! I would definitely see if the FI would nicely bring it up to her! I hope it all works out!
  3. My fiancee Jamie and I have worked together as bartenders in an Irish pub for 2 years. When we met we were both dating other people but shortly after found ourselves single. Someone that we worked with told Jamie that I was dating someone else, so he decided that wasn't how it was going to be. He came to a going away party that was being thrown for a staff member and told me I couldn't do it, that he liked me. I wasn't actually dating anyone else, it was just a rumour so it worked out perfectly since I had liked him as well. We've been together ever since. The day he proposed was 5 days before my birthday, so he took me to a spa for the whole day before heading home and picking up our 1 year old golden lab and heading to his families cottage. When we arrived there was a gigantic bouquet of gerber daisies waiting for me and an ice cream cake (my favourite), Jamie cooked an amazing dinner on the bbq and afterwards asked if I had noticed how many gerbers there were, there were so many I had to count a few times, and finally came up with 30. 30 I thought, but I'm only 25, so I asked why 30? he replied "one for every year I've been waiting for you". He pulls out the ring and I couldn't even speak, I was so happy/excited/surprised, feelings I'm sure most of you know. It turns out he had been planning for weeks, he secretly drove to my parents house 2 hours away to ask for permission before driving to my brothers house back in our home town and asking his permission as well. My brother and I are really close and he will be giving me away. Everyone at work also knew and had been keeping it from me. We spent the night on the phone telling everyone before enjoying the perfect night at the cottage. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.
  4. I was supposed to be in the Mayan on Monday for my wedding, and one of my bridesmaids Aunts lives there. We were in contact with her and she said she literally wasn't hearing anything about it. I think most of the hype is coming from the government and I am sure by November it will be smooth sailing! We were supposed to stay at the Barcelo and we've had friends that stayed there, they said it was great, at least something to look into. It's quite large and there seems like there's lots to do! Best of luck with your wedding planning!
  5. Hello all you lovely brides, I just wanted to say thank you for your support it literally lifted my spirits so much. The article that was written about my fiancee and I was in hopes that others would see that they weren't alone. We figured there must be a ton of other couples, families and friends in the same predicament and maybe people could help eachother. As it turns out there are more cynics out there than I thought. However, a wedding must go on right? Jamie and I received an offer from a local golf and country club who wanted to help us out and throw our wedding, since some of our friends including some of our bridal parties had to use their vacations, and the fact that we didn't book our wedding through the resort so we couldn't just go somewhere else, we decided it was a great idea. We are looking at a May 20th wedding date and we are so excited! Sometimes even when the cards aren't in your favour, things turn out the way they were meant to be.
  6. My fiancee and I planned a beatiful wedding in the Mayan Riviera at Xpu-Ha, a private beach location we picked ourselves. We hired wedding coordinators from London, Ontario called Barefoot Weddings who only operate out of the Mayan. They were the most wonderful, helpful people and we couldn't have asked for better from them. We were supposed to be Married May the 8th, unfortunately, due to the swine flu epidemic our wedding had to be postponed. However, in spite of some negative reviews of an article that was published in the Ottawa Citizen, we've had a resounding amount of positive feedback, and were offered the opportunity to be married at a golf and country club just outside of Ottawa. I wish that our wedding had gone as planned, but everything happens for a reason, and I love my man regardless of where we say I do.
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