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    Quote: Originally Posted by baj Hi lana, sorry no juciy tip bits yet, not been to Negril although we have been to Jamacia before. Not really decided on reception etc yet. Looking forward to seeing other reviews which I am sure will help me to make my decision ready for when we get there. Yes, will have to say hello, when do you arrive and how long are you there for? are you staying at the Riu Negril for your honeymoon or moving some where else? We arrive 1st March and return 15th and will be staying at the Riu Negril for the two weeks. We arrive on the 26th of february. We were really hoping to have our wedding much closer to our arrival date, but with us arriving on a friday and they don't do weddings on sunday and monday was booked...that took us to tuesday the 2nd of march. Oh well. We are planning on spending another two weeks on the island after the wedding week. We actually were engaged in Jamaica this past january and my dad is from there so we have a little experience with JAmaica. We will be spending a week on the cliffside of Negril and a week in Port Antonio on the east side of the island. On our last trip we found this great little hotel called 'great huts'. WE fell in love with the hut/treehouse accomidation and just have to go back. Nothing is booked yet though so hopefully everything goes according to plan.
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    WE are with Uniglobe. Olive is making our arrangements for us. I had a the same issue. I think that RPTB does look a bit nicer in the pictures and you know it probably is looking at the price difference. We had some important people on my FI side that were a little worried about money so we went with the cheaper hotel. Since then I have heard that the activities can be better at the club hotel and I have gleaned that it is just a bit tounger of a crowd, so I'm ok with it. I'm sure that either way it will be lovely. Splitting your vacation might be a good idea, but if you have any doubt that you are going to regret it, and your guests will go either way (or you don't care ...lol), then go with the palace. You really don't want to have wished that you made a different choice. You'll figure it out. Good luck. Lanab
  3. If irishmatrimony did not take the anthro dress I would love it?? lanab
  4. Cassondra2009, I would be very interested in purchasing your sashes if they make it back ok. Do you have a picture of the color and how many did you purchase?? Keep me posted and good luck with the rest of your last minute wedding plans. LanaB
  5. I actually tried this dress on a few weeks ago and it was on my short list but in the end I went in a nother direction. I'm only 5'2 and I didn't find it to be too much material at all. I did try on the right size for my though. It is very pretty and very much like you might expect. I guess by now you have your dress I hope it is what you were hoping for. I can only imagine how nerve racking it must have been to order a dress without trying it on. Lana
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    Hi Baj. We'll have to compare notes before and then say a quick hello when we get there. Have you been to Negril Beach before? Have you decided what kind of reception you're going to have? We're thinking about a poolside, but we have no pricing yet? What restaurant have you chosen? Give me any juicy tidbits that you have gleaned please. Lana
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    Hi Negril LB We chose the Negril Club Hotel Because it is in Negril, kid friendly and a little more reasonably priced than some hotels. There was also Beaches and the Tropical Bay Riu in Negril. I will say that slots for weddings are filling up fast. We had originally wanted March 1st, but it was full. We went through a travel agent and picked the hotel first then the date then the wedding date. I almost feel like we should have picked the wedding date first. Although then you might get stuck in a really expensive week (i.e. spring break). I know that after april 15th prices get a bit cheaper as high season ends then. Good luck! Let me know if you have any other specific questions. Lana
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    Hi Kelly. I'm new too. I went through that decision process lately too. Consider things like whether you are inviting children or not. Your location and which islands are the easiest for travel and what characteristics are important to you in a wedding/honeymoon location. For Reed and I we wanted our niece and nephew to be able to come, so some hotels were ruled out this way. Only some islands had direct flights from our home city and we enjoy eco tourism and wanted that type of a honeymoon. Also my family is from Jamaica so this island is sentimental to me. I hope this information helps your decision making process. Also check out trip advisory and other bride reviews on this forum. You always get a good broad idea of pros and cons. Good Luck! I know that you'll make the right choice for you. Lana
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    Hi I'm Lana. My wedding is booked for March 2, 2010 in Jamaica at the Riu Clubhotel in Negril. I'm super excited. My fiance and I just returned from a trip to Jamaica in January where we were engaged. My whole family was there and I thought that was a trip of a life time. I'm hoping that next year will be even better. I've actually been snooping around this destination wedding forum for a couple months and have found a lot of awesome information about hotels, activities, gifts and you name it. This froum has al ready been hugely helpful. I can't wait to see what else I find. Lana
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