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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by angela040504 OK ladies question has anyone actually used the MP photographers? or have you all taken you own? cause they said they use palace channel and i tired t o research it and cant find anything Please let me know Click here for pics from moon palace photographers. They are pretty good. I have heard and seen pretty shots from David Pena, I am going to use him next month and will post my pics then but in the mean time, click here Weddings
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by vgirl17 Hi Swizmp! I'll be getting married two days after you! I still haven't booked a photographer and I'm wondering if Tamm's would be available to do mine and maybe that would cut down on the cost for us both Just a thought. I sent them a request for a quote so I'll see what they say. Pictures are SUPER important to me too and theirs are beautiful! Here is a link for photos and video from the Moon Palace Photographers Weddings
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by TinaM2b We had the old deluxe package. I didn't even know it included decor in the gazebo and was pleasantly surprised. Our package included a basic photography package that we did upgrade. See below! We specifically requested David Pena. He was our phtographer. Originally, we were going upgrade to a package that would bring him back for a couple hours of reception. If I remember correctly, it would of been and extra $845. After really thinking about it, we decided to only do a small upgrade of $220 that gave us more photos (500) and a 64 page album with larger prints. David did a fantastic job of our wedding photos and photos after the wedding. BUT I am still regretting not having a destination photagrapher team come with us and take pictures of our couple days events and all day the wedding day. I have seen several other brides that brought in their photographers for two or three days of events (usually and man and woman team that spends the entire wedding day with you and DH and attends your other events before and after the wedding) and they truly have photos to share with ones that didn't come. I have some great photos from friends but there are still those special ones that I didn't think to take nor did anyone else take. A professional would of probably captured those things. Again, I was VERY satisfied with David....... Also we got a DVD of the entire wedding and photo shoot afterwards. We love sharing that with everyone that couldn't make it. Tina: I totally understand if you dont want to but is there any way that you can put up the video so we can see it? Fabi :-)
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by TinaM2b Personally, I thought it was great every night once the sun went down. The ocean breeze is amazing. It was HOT in the sun during the day. It wasn't that bad at all if you were in the shade with the breeze..... BUT, I wouldn't have wanted to have something during the day outside. We live in Austin, Texas where we had almost two months of over 100 degree days with humidity and no breeze. It was a nice break for us in July. We got there 6 days before the wedding and checked out the site every afternoon starting at five. We were planning to have both the cocktail hour and the reception/dance outside starting at 5. We felt the coctail hour would of been a little hot but by 6 it really started getting more pleasant. I hope this helps. TINA: I love your OOT bags! You are awesome!!! I have read and re-read your threads and I wanted to see if there was any last minute advise you could give me? About Favors? About Champagne Flutes? About Cake Cutting tools? About anything and everything? I am beginning to panic! :-) I still have not got my shoes, nor jewelry, nor headpiece. I feel like I am forgetting a lot of things.
  5. Does anyone have a video of the Mexican Trio? Are they good? I would like to have them for my cocktail hour but I am not sure if they are worth it.
  6. FOR THE CATHOLIC CEREMONY: Did you bring your own cushions to kneel down CAKE-CUTTING: Did you bring your own knife and spatula or did Moon Palace provide this? CENTER PIECES: Did anyone get any centerpieces? How much do they cost? Are they in Glass Vases? Did anyone use LED's under their Glass Vases for extra glamour or is this just tacky EXPO-CENTER: Has anyone had their dinner and dance at the ExpoCenter? I only got one tiny little picture from them and I would like to get your feedback as to if it is cute or not. My party will be small (28-40) people. FAVORS: What favors did you all have? I am thinking about cookies as well as luggage tags and maybe a wine set (cork screw opener and a top). SUNSCREEN: What kind of sunscreen do you recommend? I heard that you need biodegradable to swim with the dolphins, is this true? Where do you get them? What about sunscreen for your hair? I get married next month and I am beginning to PANIC.
  7. Save the Date and Wedding Invitation in Spanish and in English EnglishInvitation.pdf postcardenglish.pdf SpanishInvitation.pdf SpanishPostCard.pdf
  8. More attachments Wedding Package.pdf DJS 2009NEW DJ.pdf Weddings Music form.pdf
  9. Here are some of the files that I have accumulated since I began to plan my wedding at the moon palace. Wedding Collection Set up Samples.pdf Weding Collections 2009-2010 MP,BP,SP,AP,IM,PL.pdf Moon Palace Ceremony Locations (15MAY08) (2).pdf MENUS GRUPOS 2008.DOC
  10. Tina You went all out! I love your OOT bags!!! You have definitely inspired me and I will study all of your notes to see what I can put together for mine :-) Fabi
  11. Casey I love your pics!! It looks so nice and well organized. Fabi
  12. I absolutely think they are adorable and fun!!
  13. Camie Do we really have to be there 3 days before the BIG DAY if we are also getting married in the US before arriving to Mexico? Do you think 2 days before the wedding is enough time for last minute changes? PS Thanks for all of your help, I appreciate it so much Sincerely Fabi Cortez
  14. Camie Oh my gosh!!! I just saw your slideshow and your wedding was AMAZING!!! I am so happy for you!! Thanks for the information regarding the father of the church. I am currently in contact with him and will definitely get legally married here in Houston about a month and a half before the wedding Is David Pena through the Moon Palace Photography package or someone else? Your pictures are beautiful!!!! Can you give me some recommendations as to the pros and cons of a destination wedding? Our wedding is in November and am not sure if I should try to make wedding program fans PS CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Sincerely, Fabi Cortez