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  1. Oh, one more is Macambo. They have a great shrimp cocktail
  2. Cabo has a lot of great places to eat. I have been going there for 10 years so it is like a second home for me My favorite is Galeon. This is where I am having my rehersal dinner. The food here is wonderful and the ceasar salad is the best and they make it at your table. My other top pick is Villa Serena. I think that is how you spell it. The view at sunset is amazing! Hope you get chance to try them out!! Kristina
  3. Hey Kate! As you can tell I am new to the forum and don't know how to do anything! I was wondering if you could send me a pm so we could chat about your wedding? I am getting really excited to start planning and just wanted to get your input on some things since you got married at Playa. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Kristina
  4. Hey ladies!! Just wondering if any of you have gotten married or are getting married at Playa Grande? Our wedding date is July 1, 2010 and I am so excited to start planning If you have any tips please let me know! Also if you have pictures you could share with me that would be awesome. Thanks!! Kristina
  5. Hello! My name is Kristina and I am a Cabo bride too!! We are getting married July 1, 2010 at Playa Grande. I am so excited Kristina
  6. Kristina

    Cabo 7/1/2010

    Hello! My name is Kristina and I am from Texas. Josh and I are planning to get married in Cabo San Lucas on July 1, 2010 at Playa Grande. Cabo is like my second home, but if anyone has any extra tips for me please let me know! Hope you're having a great day!! Kristina
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