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  1. hey there, I highly recommend Cesar R. with funnever photos for pics and video. Let me know if you want to see some. Effieallsop@hotmail.com
  2. Ivan was amazing. He was always very prompt about emailing me back with any questions I had. He was so professional and delightful. I had researched him and every other aspect of my wedding quite a bit, so I was not nervous about his performance one bit. He delivered everything I wanted and more....everyone loved him. I was SOOO happy about all the fun lights he had added, I couldn't imagine not having them. If I hadn't hired Ivan the ballroom would not have looked like a celebration. I met with him face to face prior to the wedding to finish up last minute details and payment. Apparently I overpayed him $5 ... I told him to keep it and he refused. I have to say I was taken aback at his professionalism and honesty. You are crazy if you don't hire Ivan as your DJ! Oh yeah, did I mention that he is totally adorable and it makes you just want to pinch his cheeks ;-) January 4th 2010 The Royal, Canun
  3. Hi girls! Just returned from my wedding at the royal in cancun...email me if you have questions! effieallsop@hotmail.com
  4. check out los Cabos wedding photographers - Mexico photographer ?Cabo san lucas photographer- Los Cabos photographer they are amazing
  5. Hi there, I just got married at the royal. We got married on the beach and I felt like there was not a single person there other than the ones who were invited. people are really good about keeping their distance as not to interupt. I would do the gazebo at the royal because kids are allowed at the Real... i would not risk heraring one of them screaming or something. you can have your wedding and reception anywhere you want if your room is booked through the royal
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by simba1234 I'm flying in a photographer from the US. I will have to pay the resort a fee just to bring an outside photograher. She is a really great photographer and a pro so if anyone can pull off good shots it's her. When is your wedding? DON'T pay for your photographer to come if she is staying in your hotel or the real!!!!! They try to scam you every way they can...there are ways around it
  7. Hi girls!!! i just got back from my wedding at The Royal Cancun....I have A LOT to say... anyone have any questions on anything email me effieallsop@hotmail.com
  8. Has anyone decided about hair and makeup?? Are you going to use the services at spazul?? I'm kind of scared...
  9. Hello girls! So glad to see other brides from the royal!!! Why does it seem so difficult to find em'! It must be getting popular to get married there because the price goes up once a month! Anyways, We are booked to be married at the royal in cancun for january 4th 2010 and getting soooo excited! My fiance and I are the only ones staying in the royal and everyone else is staying in the caribe. It will be cool cause we can go over there whenever we feel like it but can also run away to our private hotel oh my gosh I wish I could go down for a tasting, please let me know how it goes!!
  10. May I have Dj carlos contact info? Thanks!
  11. IMPPEARL? Where did you buy these shoes?? I have been looking and looking and am so scared the ones I am finding are fake. Please help!! I have to have these! I'm finding them for $165... isn't that way too cheap?!?!?!?! Are they like an old line or something?
  12. Her name is Patricia Hernandez phernandez@realresorts.com Don't know anything about funever but all the reviews look good
  13. Did you get married at The Royal I have my wedding booked for January 2010 there.
  14. Yeah... I think I will skip the body stickers!
  15. http://www.elodie-photo.com/CYMBELIN...E%20COURTE.htm