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  1. Thank you! We are doing our TTD session on our Honeymoon @ the Valentin (getting married at the Barcelo and they do not allow outside photographers) so I really appreciate that. Beautiful work!
  2. We ended up going with the Barcelo Maya Palace for our June 2010 wedding. What is nice about our resort, is that it is the Highest grade resort, on a complex of five resorts. Our guests can stay at the other four resorts and save $ by doing it that way. The lowest end has rooms for $192 per night, and that's off their website so a travel agent can usually get a better deal. Our wedding package is about $3100 and that includes almost everything I could want. So I think Barcelo Maya is a pretty good deal.
  3. That really sucks, I am sorry. A lot of people seem to have a problem with destination weddings, but just remember that this is your day. Do what you want to do. My mom keeps saying that I should do a wedding here in Colorado, but I figure since we are paying for it ourselves and everyone from his family and 95% of my family would have to travel anyways so we are doing ours in Mexico too. You only get married once (hopefully lol) and so you should have your dream day, and if your mom doesn't come well that's her problem. I hope you figure this all out
  4. Thanks everyone! I am loving Sascha's work...I already contacted him and he is very affordable! YAY!
  5. Does anyone have recommendations for a TTD photog who doesn't charge over $1500? I am having the hardest time getting quotes from some of these people. Most want me to reserve them before they'll tell me a price. It's frustrating. I just need a good photographer who is in Playa Del Carmen who doesn't charge an arm and a leg. Any suggestions help! I already know I cannot afford Claudia Rodriguez, Del Sol Photographer, and Elizabeth Medina (all the good ones I know) Thanks everyone!
  6. Hi everyone! I am not getting married at the Valentin, but I am having my honeymoon there and I wanted to do my TTD there. Have any of you past brides done them there? My resort where we are having our wedding enacted this "no outside photographers" policy so we cannot do it there. I am wondering if there are any secluded beach area's...
  7. Wow thanks Jenna (wonderful name by the way lol) I wonder if I will have to change my package since I booked a 2009 package for my June 2010 wedding....
  8. I recently switched resorts from the Iberostar Paraiso to the Barcelo Maya Palace...I had stayed at the Beach side about 4 years ago and we had such a wonderful time that we knew our guests would also. So I was wondering, when do you start really planning....like when will I choose where I want my reception (what restaurant) and all that? We already choose our package...I believe it was the Ocean Scents (I am horrible I don't even know my own package lol)
  9. I can't download the document...can someone please email it to my junk email address ronpaulwasright@yahoo.com
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by chloe55 Our TA does a lot of destination weddings and she told us that she recently had a bride who asked her to add $50 onto all her guests trip and then give her the money so that it would cover the cost of her wedding. She also did not tell the people that she was doing it. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that, but it does sound like this may be something that some people do. HA HA HA that is classic. I wonder what kind of balls you have to have to do that...and not think twice about it. LOL
  11. Wow nice review, I had originally booked my wedding at the Iberostar Paraiso Beach, but I was on the fence about it and now I am thinking I should go to the Barcelo Maya Palace. Thanks!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Jingles202 Does anyone have Reyna's direct email? I am getting so frustrated...I have been trying to finalize my wedding date for over a month and a half. They asked me to fill out a bunch of information to finalize it and attach my credit card number....they NEGLECTED to tell me how much the deposit is however.....GRRR! I hope one of you ladies can help! They asked for a copy of a credit card and a drivers license but we were able to black out some #'s on the credit card but they didn't charge a deposit
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by paraisobeachbride2009 Short answer is yes, you do have to stay at the resort you are staying at and hold the ceremony at that specific resort. The reason they do this is because they allow one wedding per day at each Iberostar resort on the property. The Del Mar/Beach are one resort so they allow only one wedding per day and the brides staying there get to use the venues on that property. Same goes for the Lindo/Maya resort and they are not permitted to use venues on the Del Mar/Beach side as there may already be another wedding that day using said venues. The Grand has a gorgeous wedding gazebo for its guests if you like gazebos, but you can only use the gazebo on the Grand property. This is going to be long-winded lol. Any guest staying at the Grand or the Lindo/Maya resort have complete free access to the Del Mar/Beach facilities (Del Mar/Beach is considered a "downgrade" and since you pay more to stay at the Lindo/Maya and Grand, I guess that's why they give guests free access to the Del Mar/Beach side), however, any guests staying at the Del Mar/Beach resort do not have transferrable access to the Lindo/Maya & Grand as they are considered fancier resorts (which would be an upgrade) Also, I believe that guests staying at any resort other than the Grand (were your wedding to be held at the Grand), would require a day pass to attend. The Grand does not under any circumstance allow children on the property as it is strictly an adults-only resort (not even for weddings). If you held your wedding at the Lindo/Maya and some of your guests were staying at the Del Mar/Beach, they would be required to purchase a day-pass to attend. The Del Mar/Beach and the Lindo/Maya resorts are all considered family resorts, so children would be allowed to attend weddings at either of these, just not the Grand. I hope this makes sense. Please let me know if I can further explain any of this. Aw man, that really makes sense now why my TA was PUSHING the Beach. I am in love with that Gazebo, but not the fact if I stay at the Beach, I can't use the wave pool and Lazy river and all the additional bars. I am wondering how expensive this place is going to be for guests.
  14. Does anyone have a picture of the Iberostar Paraiso Medical Center that I can place on my wedding website?
  15. Does anyone know anything about the reception spots there? I want to be able to dance....is that possible if you don't rent out the Tropical?
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