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  1. isa2214 ... thank you! jacobderosenoir.. great review! glad it went well! I can't wait to be there in a few days!
  2. Sounds INCREDIBLE! I wonder why so many upgrades lately? All we have our 3 rooms booked- us, and both sets of parents. An upgrade would be nice lol, but I am sure well have a blast regardless! I am so happy for you! Congrats on being a MRS! Can't wait to see pics!
  3. We leave in a week and I am getting so nervous! I can't wait to get away! We aren't staying in the RST but I am hoping we have a blast anyway! I can't wait to be married!!! I am glad everyone sounds like they are having a great time. Can someone remind me if they accept credit cards or cash for the wedding packages, flowers, and spa? Also, does anyone know what hdc accepts? Thanks!
  4. That's the same type of cake topper we were going to use... where did you find it at and was it expensive? Also, I don't know why Carolina isn't responding via email. I have sent her messages and she responds within a few days. Have you tried replying with the subject: Wedding on (fill in date) I usually respond with my date in the headline and use the "reply" button to a previous message she has sent me so she "knows" who I am. Hope she responds soon! I get married in a lil over a month. If I can find out anything while I am there for you, let me know! Good luck with your planning!
  5. I saw someone else post they provide a "cheesy" one if you don't. I am either not going to bring one or just bring one thats of our initials... depends how organized by then lol. Quick question, anyone who didn't do the legal paperwork there, what does Carolina need to do the ceremony? Is it just a copy of the papers or your actual certificate. I am trying to decide which date we should do the legal stuff on here, but I think it takes so many days to get back I want to be sure we get it on time if she needs the actual certificate. AND Carolina emailed me asking for our guest list which means it is officially geting CLOSE! I better get my butt moving to get everything together! Work and grad school have been consuming my life
  6. Yay! Congrats! I'm so happy everything went well and that you all were upgraded! Was the resort empty for the most part? Can't wait to see pictures!
  7. Thanks! Yea I guess I never thought about the set-up and all. Guess I will have to wait, cross my fingers, and see what happens!
  8. Thanks for the tips... it's pretty so I really don't want to chop it off but wasn't sure how it'd manage in the sand. Glad to know others have a little dragging behind them as well! I'll ask the seamstress at my fitting but I think I'm going to keep it
  9. For all those who did, or will, get married on the beach... how long was your dress? The dress I bought has a small train and I am debating whether to cut it off and have my dress all floor length, or to keep it and have it bustled or a hoop to hold it. Opinions/suggestions?
  10. So... I wonder if you have less people coming, if Carolina will let you change your ceremony time. We are having a low key wedding, just us and our parents, and are doing the symbolic ceremony, no photographer. Our ceremony time is scheduled for 2pm, but I'm thinking were not going to have anything to do for 3-4 hours until dinner lol. I wonder if she will let us be the last ones married for the day since were a small group. How many weddings do they have per day? And if were scheduled for 2pm, any suggestions on what to do for 3-4 hours until dinner?
  11. I'm sad I missed the palladium bridal chat... that's what I get for not checking the forums lol richarsd... I hope they make accommodations and it all works out for you! Whose next to get married?
  12. thanks girls! I think I'm gonna just relax and know that they have a great reputation. I am sure if he cannot do 5pm on the day after, he will make time on another day. I don't think he will screw us completely... at least I hope not! And maybe I'll get lucky and my parents will pay for him to do our ceremony I think the TTD pics are better anyway. Most of the time its those "romantic" pictures that you have hanging on your walls not ceremony pics ya kno?
  13. Thanks so much for the pricing! Does anyone have flower pics? Also, has anyone used the resort salon for hair? Did you bring them a picture of what you wanted or can you only choose whatever they have?
  14. I haven't been there, but other brides have posted that your guests won't even know the difference! I am hoping this is true because were doing the ROV as well since the paperwork is easier to do here.
  15. The funny thing is, I told him we would be there for four days after the wedding and we could do any day. The pricing is pretty cheap, that's why we went with him. BUT, keep in mind the package include 1 hour of photos at your resort and pics on a CD. Nothing more. I want to stick with him because the reviews are great, I hope this is just a fluke and the service we get there will be phenomenal! Or that we find a better deal elsewhere lol
  16. Heres my dilemma if anyone can chime in and help: I booked HDC for the TTD. I thought it was $250, but then he said thats only if you use him for your ceremony as well. If not, its $300. We are currently not using ANYONE for our ceremony bc we are on a tight budget to begin with. I said ok whatever, its only $50 more and his reviews are good. He kept telling me to send deposit but wouldn't confirm a date/time until he received the deposit. So I sent the money. Then he says he wants to do it the day after our wedding at 8:30am. I plan on partying the night of my wedding til the wee hours of the morning, and I am sure some of you can relate. I asked if we could do it later, and he said he will confirm me for 5pm the day after our wedding, but that if someone else books between now and then, he will have to change the time. I said ok, but I am kinda mad. What was the point of me making a "reservation" and putting a deposit down, if hes not even going to hold the time/date. Its like he's gonna hold it unless a better offer comes his way. So today I email him asking if he has a la carte pricing for wedding ceremonies, and he sends me a price list back with his *new* pricing. These prices are more money with less items. So now I am at a point where I might be looking for a new photographer altogether. I really don't want to be stressing at the last minute because a better offer came along and he decides he doesn't want to do our TTD session. Can anyone recommend cheaper photographers for the Punta Cana area?
  17. I love the waterfall. I wonder if people are allowed to go there. Do you know what hotel it was?
  18. Thanks for the info! My wedding time was set for 2pm but she said its subject to change. Hoping dinner will be closer to 5-6pm. I guess we can always go to one of the bars for drinks before dinner. I figure the beach party (the public one) will be close to the time we finish dinner. I will definitely bring copies of my emails! Do we pay for our ceremony and upgrades by cash or credit card? And if we have a TTD the next day, do we need to let Carolina know before they arrive?
  19. Did Carolina send you the upgrades or did you inquire? I know were 85 days (whose counting lol) away, but I hope she doesn't forget about me! hehe I think thats my biggest fear is we get down there and shes like, "wedding? what wedding?" So I think there will only be a few of us at my wedding, maybe 10 max. Can they put us all at one long table? Also, how does your dinner time get assigned? And do you get only like, an hour or so? I am trying to figure out what the day will be like. I am lucky that the beach party is the night of my wedding so we will get free dancing on the beach I am just trying to plan what to do after the ceremony, depending on when dinner is, and what to do before the beach party, depending on what time dinner is lol. Also, do our "upgrades" get booked there or before we leave? Thanks in advance! As it gets closer, I am becoming stressed lol. Grad school, work, and weddings have overwhelmed me! On a happier note, our invites came in for our AHR today!
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