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  1. Hey ladies! I'm going to sit down and work on my review this week but I thought I'd give you all a link to a few of the pics. I have just a few of the wedding pics from Juan Navarro (Dreams photography) and our TTD with Cecilia Dumas. I'll get my review together with more pics asap!!!!!!!! (Let me know if this link doesn't work) Snapfish: Share:Registration
  2. Congrats! I think was watching your ceremony from my room while I was there! It was beautiful!!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by wilsoml2 I leave in 3 days! It looks like it might mess with our flights, but should be passed the area around Tuesday. It also looks like it's going more inland than the originally thought, so Cancun might not even be hit. Hopefully you'll be fine! On another note, it looks like Dreams has been having problems with overbooking again (according to posts on facebook). Hopefully this won't affect us, but some of our guests did book with Orbitz or Expedia. Figures all of this is happening again when I'm about to leave, as if I didn't have enough to worry about! We had several guests that had issues with overbooking. Only one had to move and they did get 3 nights free, so they didn't mind too much because they only spent 1 night right next door and still got to eat and be at dreams all day. Some guests had that didn't get bumped to another hotel had to stay In one room and then switch rooms within dreams the next night.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by peterpanpixiedust Andim, can you let us know if you were charged for the rehearsal when you get back? 1 more day!! Quote: Originally Posted by carolina24 we're renting the sound system as well, but i'll have my iphone in one ear so that i can really get the timing right. Cecilia says it takes as long as you'd like, i'm thinking everthing can get squared away in half and hour. OMG....you're getting married in less than a WEEK!!!! congrats, you'll have a beautiful wedding! I would love to get gazebo measurements and details of the terrace re-model...i know i also asked peterpanpixiedust but just covering my bases They didn't charge me for the rehearsal, we had the minister come and we were supposed to be charged for her transportation ($60) but I don't think they ever did. The whole thing was super short but I felt better meeting the minister before and talking through our script. (We had a native English speaker from Canada and she was WONDERFUL.) The terrace is closed through the end a June according to Cecilia. I took pics of their progress I will post. I was bummed to find that out at first but we had our cocktail hour in the garden and it was so pretty. I'm not sure the exact measurements but she hung my 8ft beads and they were short so I'd say the columns are about 12 ft? I had my decorations made for the old gazebo so we just made it work and it was fine.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by carolina24 happy wedding day andim!!! Aw thanks everyone! I'm back and I had a perfect wedding at dreams!!!!! I'm leaving in the morning for my honeymoon so I'll write my review as soon as I get back but it was great! Juan said he would post pictures on his blog soon so you should be able to see a few! Congrats to the other dreams brides I saw many beautiful weddings while I was there!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by KelZavs20 WOW!!! andim only 1 day now!!!! enjoy every second im sure everything will be perfect!!!! since you offered....photos of the himitsu beach would be GREAT if you happen to get shots!! cant wait to see/read your review! Sure! That's where we are having our reception so I'll try to post lots of pics!
  7. Hi all! I leave in 2 days!!!!!!...and I'm still not ready to go! I wrote my ceremony script but now I'm worrying that the whoever does the ceremony will basically stand there and read it. Is everyone else writing theirs? Also, anybody have anything they want me to ask/take pictures of while I'm there? There will be no sleep for me tonight!!!!!
  8. Hi ladies! So, I leave in about a week and a half (yikes!) and I haven't heard from Cecilia, can you guys think of anything that I MUST do prior to arriving? I havent set the dinner menu, but I figure I can do that at our meeting. I've made spa reservations...but I feel like I haven't done much. Do most people do the majority once they get down there? Thanks for the help! I'm getting excited!!! I'll be sure to bring back lots of pics
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by KelZavs20 Hi Girls, for the first time ever i am having a hard time getting a hold of Cecilia....and of course its when i have a pressing question!!! i need to set the arrival time for my guests in order to finish my invitations.... But besides that, i cannot for the life of me remember the diferences between the beach near the gazebo (i think this is the carribean beach , the one that was just restored and is now massive) and the other beach (i think its called himitsu?)....do any of you have any opinions good or bad about these beaches? i was originally having the reception on the beach near the gazebo, but now that it is so big im not sure that i want to..... I'm having the same issue! I emailed Cecilia about a week ago and haven't heard back which is weird since she has been quick lately since my wedding is in a few weeks! Quote: Originally Posted by JT3 Hello ladies...I am back.. My review will be up in a little bit lol couple of days.... I have been really busy... Beach Question: The beach by the gazebo is huge but private.... When I was there the only part that was semi packed was by the water and well you have a long way from there.... The beach by the gazebo seems like there is a lot more space.... I think i saw a set up for a beach party in the smaller beach. The smaller beach seems a lot more packed then the bigger one.... I hope this helps any more questions I'll be happy to answer.... Time question: I told my quests that reception was at 3:30pm but it was really 4pm.... Remeber people dont carry watches on vacation and well people always say weddign do not start in time so they dont arrive on the exact time so i gave them a 30 minute lag time.... The lobby with the bar is right near the gazebo so if people get there early they get to go get a drink and stay out of the sun until the WC tells them to to get there seats... any questions ladies im here to help? YAY! Welcome back! Can't wait to read your review!
  10. I just ran to Dollar Tree and got them, they are great!
  11. That is awesome! Thanks so much for posting, I've been stressing about what bags to get! This will work great!
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    Welcome! I'm getting married at Dreams Cancun in a few weeks! Check out the Dreams Cancun thread there are a lot of helpful people Happy planning!
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  15. Quote: Originally Posted by peterpanpixiedust I am staying in Cancun on the 12th-19th, and I am staying at Dreams on the 15th. We decided not to stay there on a Fri-Sun since most weddings are happening then and I didn't want to boggle down Claudia. Will you still be there. We can meet up at the swing bar or something. Although, you might be too busy honeymooning ;-) Oh bummer we are leaving the 10th so I'll just miss you! We are honeymooning in Hawaii