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  1. 10 Red Table Runners used during a Bridal Shower. Just washed just need steamed. Paid: $27 for all Asking: $15 for all plus shipping PayPal Only All Sales are final
  2. 12 wine glass lamps with handmade shades. Used for bridal shower but can dress up and space. Paid: $85 Asking: $50 plus shipping
  3. red david's bridal bm gown F12732 sz 2 (never altered): $85 SOLD! All Other Items are Still Available.
  4. I became a 2 dress bride because I got soo excited once I got engaged I just bought bought bought. The gIf interested please email me at: Benner_kristen@yahoo.com with your offer or questions. Please excuse my photos: I laced myself up and took my own photos (didn't want FI to get any ideas). These photos don't have a slip under and it could be a little fuller with one. own is a remake of: SIZE 0- 2 WHITE (I am 5 4 and it is perfect length without shoes on) I paid $275 asking price $175 or BO (shipping not included). Very light materials, lace up back, side rouching, and small train. Here are the images of my dress: I took many photos so you can get a feel for the actual garment.
  5. I bought these Champagne Bucket (12) after my FI said he liked the idea...needless to say I asked during football and he wasn't really paying attention. When they came in he stated he didn't want to use them. I was a little bummed but my loss is your treasure. Interested please email me: benner_kristen@yahoo.com STILL IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING NEVER OPENED OR USED: Bought for: $20 a piece Asking for: $10 a piece or $100 for all (plus shipping) Accepts: PayPal Only All sales final. It has a 4 qt. capacity and ring-style handles. This stainless champagne bucket is ideal for use in tabletop or room service applications. Dimensions: Top Diameter: 7 1/2" Bottom Diameter: 5" Overall Height: 8 3/4" I
  6. This item is still for sale for anyone that is interested.
  7. Sorry Ashleed- I rarely get on anymore. I am getting ready to PM you back with price. Dby88- I was very scared at first. I won't lie it is hard for the full 60 days but man it is so worth it. If you are in for the work you will get results. There are three different stages you can pick. I went with Lean. This will give you long strong lines and not bulk you up. I felt more like a yoga body afterwards (think Courtney Cox verse Madonna)
  8. Hey East Coast Brides, You may not know me because I was mainly focused on (with tunnel vision) on a Moon Palace resort wedding. After talking with family (the A listers) I don't think they can afford the trip and we can't afford to pay for them. Sooo I am trying to get some secondary ideas. We are from Pittsburgh and are trying to find some great ideas for an East Coast wedding...maybe Nags Head area or out skirts or Deep Creek. I am so lost now. Our budget is about 10k. I am the frugal one and don't want to do much more than that. Our guest list is undecided...maybe 100. Any ideas will help? Thanks!
  9. Do you have a photo of your tequila bottle centerpieces or other decor. Sounds fun
  10. Happy Planning. It is a wonderful site- at first there is too much information but it is so helpful once you get through it it makes planning easier. The girls here are very nice and knowledgeable.
  11. This forum has so much information that you will feel overwhelmed at first (maybe) but then you get sooo many great new ideas it is wonderful. Happy planning.
  12. Happy planning. I know the newbie page is a bit odd (feel you must submit the requested info) when you are first joining but once you get to know your way around (I am still learning) it is a blast and it is extremely helpful.
  13. This is a fantastic forum. I learn so much from the other girls/guys (a few) here. Congrats and happy planning.
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