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    Real Housewives of Orange County!

    Lynn is in la la land when it comes to her daughters. I know she might have been offended when Gretchen reached out to "help". But I thought it was great of her to do it because Lynn's daughter is wild just like Gretchen... I hope they're all back next season for more!!!!
  2. It's almost been a year and I am FINALLY changing my name- thanks for this posting. I was procrastinating because I thought there was a lot to be done. But now it seems simple and stress-free!!!
  3. I ruined the heels of a brand new gorgeous shoes. Wedges... wish I would have thought of that.
  4. Starryt

    RMB Wedding Review by Mother of Bride

    I am so happy that everything worked out!! Glad your daugther is on to the most important part... being with the man she loves!!!
  5. Starryt

    Did anyone watch the Today Show wedding?

    I watch the TODAY show faithfully every morning. Loved the bridal makeup but hated her hair. I thought it made her look old. 8 AM wedding and all those toasts... I'm sure they had a very relaxing day. But when did they take photos? Hopefully they got to go back to the plaza and take pictures at the ceremony site, it was a lovely vineyard setting.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by tracybubbles Thanks for such a great review! you both look amazing and i love how your wedding party are all in white...Id love that but im too shy to ask! It made all the guests feel like they were truly a part of the wedding. They loved all the attention we received because the wedding was so "different." We still had two guests not wear white but they did dress in the wedding colors so it was still beautiful. It's your day... don't be shy... ASK for what you want!
  7. I wore my hair down... a few photos on my wedding website. Link in my siggy below
  8. Starryt

    RMB Brides to be

    We took sunset pictures on the beach...
  9. Starryt

    I'm a Newbie!

    Welcome to the forum. I don't know much about Cabo but there are a lot of great women in the forum that will help you out... HAPPY PLANNING!
  10. Starryt

    Nekeisha White replaces Chantelle at RMB

    Quote: Originally Posted by kitty_kat_uk We got married 8 April 2009 at ROR and recieved the marriage licence 5 weeks later!! I would ring them to find out what is happening. I called and 11 weeks after my wedding... I can finally say I GOT IT!
  11. Starryt

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome Pat! Paris is a beautiful choice.
  12. Starryt

    Any GH fans out there?

    I've been a GH fan since college. During the school year (I teach high school) I watch it on SOAPNET at night... now that I'm home I love being able to watch it at its regular time. I love that Sarah Brown is back... I personally thought she was the best Carly. She has such great chemistry with Maurice aka Sonny.
  13. Starryt

    Jamaica Wedding

    Welcome Tonya... Happy planning
  14. Starryt

    Now a Mrs...finally

    Can't wait to read your review and see more photos. Congrats.. MRS.
  15. Starryt

    April brides (2009)

    I received my license last week and we got married April 4th