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  1. I'm leaving in 7 days for Punta Cana and found a wonderful photographer with the help of BDW forums. Punta Cana Destination wedding photography So far they have been wonderful to work with and have answered all my questions immediatly. I'm really looking forward to working with them and after viewing their site and seeing their work they have done...I picked them hands down! ONLY 7 MORE DAYS TILL WE LEAVE AND 9 MORE DAYS TILL WERE MARRIED:)
  2. I did buy a second dress to trash. i got mine at Davids Bridal for $99.00. It's really nice and light weight. The only thing is I'm short so I got it hemmed and that was it. Totally know what you mean about wanting not destroy a fantastic gown. I went cheap but nice:)
  3. I know...officailly 2 weeks till our wedding at Bavaro Princess:) I finally picked up my dress yesterday and brought it home! Finally...only like the 6th time I've been there. Everything has come together so smooth. I get my hair done this Saturday and the only thing left for me to do is pack and pick out a hair do for the big day:) I know what everyone means when they say the tome just flew by...it totally did! I go so many ideas from everyone on this site and a lot of questions answered.. I really appreciate all the kind words of encouragment and good information:)
  4. I've booked them for my wedding in 3 weeks and I can't be more excited to work with them. I've also booked the TTD session...really going to be work it!
  5. I'm actually going there in 3 weeks!! I heard the weather is wonderful! We are getting married at the Bavaro Princess as were were at their other location in Riviara Mya Mexico 2 yrs ago and loved it. Although I was first sold on Dream (Beautiful) and also the RIU. Both were beautiful but the overall cost was a little pricier than what we had in mind for our guests. All-in-all I believe it will be wonderful:)
  6. We have booked with them too...and I must say I'm really excited!! I was unable to do the package we really wanted due to tight budget restrictions but knowing the work that all of the brides on here has recommended her we Knew they were a MUST HAVE! We ended up going with the Coverage Only and the the TTD session the next day. I even found a steal of a deal on a seperate wedding dress form Davids Bridal for the seperate session...I'm so thrilled to be so fortunate to have gotten such a reputable person to have take our memories!!! :):)
  7. Were planning our wedding there for Febuary 2 2010. Everything is coming together nice and we can't wait. So far 18 people booked!!
  8. I LOVE THE DRESS!!! It is so nice - hands down beautiful! I think it would be fantastic on and flattering. I like the bust line along with the low cut of the back. Very sophisticated and fun at the same time.
  9. I know...I have a while to pick out another dress, But I can Say I'm so excited about having 2 :)
  10. Looking for pics of weddings or resort grounds?..Anyone? Please Email me: lsoana@yahoo.com Thanks Ladies Lonna
  11. Well, we have finally made a decision and booked our date: 2/2/10 So Excited! The Photographer is also booked - thanks to all your awsome suggestions and recommendations we decided to go tieh Photo Souveniers - Severine. I love the Trash the Dress session and am actually going to buy a lesser expensive dress for this (Is that what most do?) I just spent a lot of money on my dress and don't want to totally ruine it. Let me know that you think... I do have a question about the marriage translation though. I'm sending in all the documentation to (WEDO .:: Taking care of your legal documentation for your Dominican weddings) to have them do the translation of our docs but after we are married and get the marriage lisc in the mail will that have to be translated in the US in order for it to be legal? Will is come in Spanish from DR? Either way...I'm pumped. Still working on the information packets...what a lot of work. Oh well making headway!
  12. No Way!! WTF...I can't believe that. One would seriously think that at the least you would get nothing short of simple service is you traveled all that way... Unbelievable. I would be PO'd too.
  13. Me and my fience are planning our wedding there too...YAAAHOO!! Although i've been emailing the coordinator for a few days with no responce. I'm getting nervous. I'm trying to finalize the prices along with the additional money for the wedding packages and the room rates...a lot to do with time runnign out:) I'm so exited and I think I'll actually enjoy it when I get some firm prices. I'll feel much better. We got engaged at the Grand Princess resort in Maya Riviara in November. The resort was beautiful and fantastic.
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