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    Hi Mel - welcome and congratulations! I am getting married at Couples San Souci in Jamaica in September. I looked at Sandals, but discovered that the couples resorts offers more in their wedding packages. Visit their website at couples.com to compare both resorts. I was ready to put a deposit down on Sandals. I knew a few people who went to both Sandals and Couples and heard wonderful things about both. I picked couples because all of their rooms have an ocean view and their rooms are all considered suites. The cost is comparative to Sandals. Check it out. Hope this helps!
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    Just Married Newbie,love to share me wedding

    Congratulations! Would love to hear what you would do differently. I'm getting married 9/9/09 in Jamaica!
  3. jnc999

    Jamaica Suggestions?!

    Beaches Resorts, the sister resort to Sandals, is for families. There are plenty of activities for everyone. Have you checked them out? Visit beaches.com. They are an all-inclusive resort.
  4. MixyVixen-I too am a future couples bride. My choice is Couples San Souci Sept 9.
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    Destination Jamaica

    My name is Cee. Getting married at Couples San Souci - Jamaica 9/9/09. Very excited!