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  1. I'm glad to hear that we are not the only ones that are taking the hurricane risk Does anyone know what the weather typically is in September?
  2. Hi! Thanks for your reply and all of the info you provided on here! It is so helpful but I still have about a million questions First of all I have been searching for the perfect invitation to our reception when we return and yours are exactly what I was looking for! Did you have those made by someone or do it yourself? The way it is worded is just perfect! The pictures of the wedding itself (gorgeous by the way I had some questions about also. Did they provide the chairs for you or did you have to pay for them to put the chairs out there? It looked so pretty with the matching blue on the chairs.. I wondered if you brought a lot of the little touches with you? And is their only one beach location or can you choose anywhere on the beach? Ok I have more questions but I dont want to bombard you so this is a good start Thanks again!
  3. We have been agonizing for months over which resort to choose and we finally chose Couples Swept Away! If any Couples brides have any advice or information for us it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. mikemegan919

    Hi All!!! Need help w/location!!!

    Thanks Everyone! We are getting closer and closer to picking the right place and appreciate everyones input I think we have it narrowed down to 2! Sandals Whitehouse and Excellence Punta Cana.... So any information negative or positive is greatly appreciated !!!!!
  5. mikemegan919

    Hi All!!! Need help w/location!!!

    We are currently planning our wedding for September 19, 2009. We have not decided yet on a location. We have it narrowed down to Punta Cana and Jamaica but have not picked a resort. We are stressing a little about the decision. We are looking for a couples or adults only all inclusive resort. So far we have been told that Excellence Punta Cana, Sandals Whitehouse, Sandals Negril, and Couples Negril would be good choices but we were also told some negative things about each one. If anyone reads this and have been to any of these or has suggestions they would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Megan and Mike